Driving conversations that drive sales: How to get your best customers talking

From loyalty to advocacy

Your customers love you. We give them a way to share that love with the world. For retailers and manufacturers, for program and product launches, for established brands with something new to say, we transform your best customers into your most vocal advocates — completely transforming your business results while we're at it.

Science, meet social

Behind the magic, there's data: before the talking starts, we analyze a unique blend of shopping behavior, demographic and psychographic profiles, and social media activity to determine your advocacy sweet spot. Then we provide these loyal, social shoppers with a personalized in-store or product experience and make it easy for them to share opinions and recommendations with millions of others, online and off. Which makes it easy for you to increase sales and ROI. Social marketing powered by shopper insights: it's a blend of social and science you just won't find anywhere else — with results you won't find anywhere else, either.

Which platform is right for you?

Advocacy for brands:

Powered by the BzzAgent media network, our product-focused advocacy platform is optimized to drive campaign-level sales and backed by 12+ years of social marketing expertise.

Advocacy for retailers:

Leveraging the success of our BzzAgent solution, we developed a retailer advocacy platform to help retailers interact with their customers over time, creating meaningful connections that earn lasting loyalty.

We've developed custom, retail-specific platforms for both Tesco and Raley's.

Social marketing that matters

Social marketing is point of entry for every marketer these days. But if you're looking for results beyond likes and comments, you need to engage the right people the right way. Thanks to our precise targeting and powerful engagement platform, our influential and motivated advocates start meaningful and authentic conversations where it counts, including social networks where like-minded people are discussing your brand. Oh, and those results we mentioned? An average sales lift of 6.7% per program.

BzzAgent is proud to have some of the most sophisticated disclosure and legal compliance processes in the industry. Details are on this FAQ page.

“We've seen measureable substantial increases in base rate multichannel sales directly from [this] activity when no other marketing mix element has driven these increases. Five star results with no marketing or digital hype.”

Oli Bradleye-Commerce Innovation Manager, Unilever UK

Contact us about Advocacy

North America: Bill Warren

UK/Europe: Johanna Jones

Canada: Bill Warren

Brazil: Renata Censon

Sales Liftper program

Impact, three ways

  • EngagementCustomers' reactions, reviews, and recommendations
  • ReachTotal reach, reach per advocate, and category benchmarks
  • SalesStore-level sales lift and ROI

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