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Case Studies

Broaden my product's customer base

Widening the appeal of cult product Frizz Ease

John Frieda Frizz Ease is the #1 frizz brand, but in 2014 the brand was faced with a challenge and the need to be seen as versatile, i.e. it's not just for eliminating your frizz, but also helping you achieve 'any' style, whether it's straight, wavy or simply smooth.

We worked with the John Frieda team at Kao to develop a campaign that would use brand advocacy to drive recommendations for products across the brand portfolio to attract a broader audience to the brand.

The action

We recruited 4,000 female content creators with frizzy hair who were after a smooth, wavy or curly style. Using highly sophisticated targeting we were able to separate participants into groups based upon their hair type.

We then put together three mailers, one for each hair type. Each mailer contained products from the Frizz Ease range that were suited to the participants’ hair type, along with pass-along vouchers for them to give to friends and family. The mailers invited participants to try the product and offered tips and advice to help them achieve the style they were looking for.

Each agent was challenged to try the products and share pictures and other content showcasing their ‘before’ and ‘after’. We kept agents updated with regular emails, tailored to their hair type.

The results

The Frizz Ease campaign is our best performing haircare advocacy campaign. This was due to precise targeting and highly relevant content, which delivered:

  • Reach: Content and conversations about the brand reached more than 1.25 million customers
  • Engagement: Over 11,000 conversations and pieces of content generated
  • Brand opinion: 30% increase in opinion of the Frizz Ease brand
  • Recommendations: +88 increase in likelihood to recommend (Net Promoter Score)
  • Sales impact: £2.29 sales-to-cost ratio on products featured in mailer