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Loyal consumers are the best advocates

About BzzAgent

Loyal consumers are your most valuable asset, but many want to do more than be asked to “like” a page or tweet an offer. They want to share their expertise about the brands they love. Instead of hoping social media followers spread meaningful advocacy, rely on your best customers. When you do, everyone wins. Loyal customers get more meaningful experiences with the brands they love, and nobody understands loyalty more than we do.

Social, meet science

We’ve married science with the most expansive suite of consumer advocacy solutions on the planet to create the next generation of advocacy marketing – one created to build and sustain long-term brand growth.

From insights and consumer generated content that optimise your product launch plan to widespread reviews that deliver on your brand promise to the authentic customer conversations across social media that drive product sales, you’ll feel the impact of these programs across your entire enterprise. BzzAgent’s Advocacy Suite is a blend of social and science you won’t find anywhere else – with results you won’t find anywhere else, either.

Sales results that start – and end – with data

Data science has transformed media planning and evaluation. Now you can apply that same sophistication to plan earned media as part of your overall integrated media strategy. Data enables precise targeting of the right people for your programs, the activation activities that inspire the most influential content, and reliable measurement of sales lift based on in-store purchase data.

dunnhumby connects what people say to what they actually do, based on an unparalleled understanding of shopper behaviours. Make better decisions based on data. Leave the guesswork to your competitors.

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Our results

4-7%: Average sales lift per program

317: Reach per BzzCampaign participant

1.58 MM: Average reach per 5K participant BzzCampaign

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