Mobilising brand stories and growth through advocacy

About BzzAgent

The most powerful way for your brand to communicate isn’t for your brand to communicate. It’s for people to communicate for you. It’s consumer advocacy.


What is consumer advocacy?
When passionate consumers talk about a brand, tell stories and demonstrate their support which creates a groundswell of earned media.

Why is it important?
It is trusted, authentic, attracts new consumers, builds your brand and drives sales.

In order to ensure consumer advocacy happens, and happens at scale, you need a way to mobilize and mange it.

At BzzAgent, that’s what we do.

As the pioneer of word-of-mouth marketing, and now global leader of advocacy, we’ve spent years using the power of human interaction to tell brand stories and build trust in managed, scalable, and measured way.

The foundation of this advocacy platform is a proprietary, opt-in network of 1 Million BzzAgents: real people who love to interact with and talk about brands. These BzzAgents are true everyday influencers who are enthusiastic storytellers and eager to tell brand stories.

With BzzAgent brands are able to:


BzzAgent makes it possible for brands to:

  • Crowdsource creative through engaging consumer generated engaging content
  • Inspire consumer-to-consumer conversations
  • Drive measurable reach and sales uplift

People trust people.
Trust drives results.
Build trust with BzzAgent.

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