dunnhumby Teams

Putting the customer at the centre of all your decision-making is a strategy anyone can get behind — so it’s no surprise dunnhumby has delivered measurable value across a variety of sectors and verticals. We’ve formed long-term partnerships with clients such as Tesco, Metro, and Macy’s, while also serving a prestigious list of brands including P&G, General Mills, and Nestlé. Here’s how we divide our efforts:


These folks help grocery retailers build loyalty through personalised experiences. By analysing shopper data, they can understand and meet customers’ current needs, and predict their future ones, delivering the best shopping experience possible, time and again. See open positions

Manufacturer Practice

Manufacturer Practice helps Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) clients thoroughly understand the purchase decisions and habits of their customers, then transforms those insights into personalised brand experiences that delight customers and build long-term loyalty. See open positions

Global Products and Services

GP&S is the tech team other companies dream of — they develop, deploy, and support each and every global solution, manage and support all our technology, and develop and manage all our data solutions. They’re truly the backbone of our capabilities. See open positions

Communications and Media

This team provides design, copy, and other creative solutions for all of our marketing, and partners with clients to develop strategies and execute personalised solutions which delight customers at every turn. See open positions


Operations focusses on ensuring our business is running as efficiently as possible through strategic planning, monitoring of organisational progress, and upkeep of our facilities and workspaces. See open positions