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Case Studies

Develop a promotional plan that minimises cannibalisation

Driving category uplift and sales with Bel UK and Tesco

The goal

Collaborate with Tesco and Bel UK to help build a promotional plan for Snacking Cheese that meets customer needs while also growing the category.

The action

  1. Understand the relationship between products in the category (and which ones matter most to customers)
  2. Define the optimum price and promotion strategy for the entire category using Balance Matrix
  3. Determine which products should and shouldn't be promoted together
  4. Test our recommendations' efficacy in PriceStrat, our price optimisation tool
  5. Incorporate our findings into the trade plan

The results

  • Category uplift at Tesco
  • Sales uplift for Bel UK
  • An optimised promotional planning process for all

These insights gave me exactly what I was looking for: that confidence that I’d built a customer-focused trade plan that was going to deliver for my category. It’s definitely an approach I’d use again.

Johnny NevilleBuying Manager Snacking and Processed Cheese, Tesco