The Extraordinary Everyday Influencer

The Extraordinary Everyday Influencer

3 November 2016

Digital and social media have become the core of every brand’s marketing plan, but influencer marketing still generates a lot of questions. While many experiment with influencer marketing programs, it takes a special approach to integrate and manage it as part of an overall media plan.

Intrigued? We thought so. Read on as we explore the three different types of influencers and demonstrate how one group — the Everyday Influencers — can be both your most effective storytellers and your most powerful purchase drivers. These are the people all around us — your sister, your co-worker, your dog-walker — who create and share experiences through photos, videos and reviews that are more meaningful (and trustworthy) than anything a brand does. With a structured approach, use of the Everyday Influencer can be planned, optimized and measured to build your brand over the long-term.

We’ll share insights and examples of how these influencers can become an integral part of your overall media plan. As the global leader in consumer advocacy, and the pioneer of word-of-mouth marketing, BzzAgent has spent years using the power of human interaction to get branded content and conversations in places that matter.



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