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Case Studies

Get people talking about my product range

Building Advocacy through Informed Product Experience

A good quality school uniform isn’t hard to find – but it can be pricey. A great value school uniform also isn’t hard to find – but the quality can be poor. Thanks to F&F at Tesco, parents no longer need to compromise on quality or value. The newly rebranded F&F School Shop offers great quality school uniforms at great prices. Tesco asked BzzAgent to introduce the range to moms and dads in the UK and encourage them to try it out, and share their views and recommendations with friends.

The action

We chose an audience of 2,500 moms and dads with school-age (6-15) children in the household, who had shopped F&F or competitor school clothing ranges in the last year. We narrowed our sample of programme participants down to those living close to larger Tesco stores.

Each participant, once they had opted in, was sent a pack including:

  • A Bzz postcard
  • A coupon for a free product from the F&F School Shop range, with a value of £12
  • Five coupons for £2.50 off the range, for participants to pass on to friends and family

Programme participants were kept informed throughout the campaign with regular e-mails, and were encouraged to share pictures, reviews and opinions on the range with their networks, both on and offline.

The results

Participants sang the praises of the F&F School Shop. The 1,095 product reviews and 1,166 word-of-mouth reports generated were full of happy tales of successful school uniform shopping. From the convenience of being able to buy everything in one place to the price, quality and thoughtful little details like adjustable waists and maximum height charts, participants were delighted with all aspects of the shop. Proud parents shared photographs of their youngsters all kitted out ready for their first day back – or first day, full stop! The start of a school year is a joyful and emotional time for parents and by offering a helping hand to participants with money off and a great range, F&F was really able to tap into some of this sentiment.

Participants talked particularly favourably about the quality and price of the range, fulfilling one of the key aims of the campaign. They also differentiated the range from those of competitors on these two key points.

  • 517 photos and 28 videos generated
  • 676,776 total reach
  • Opinion and purchase intent improved significantly
  • Created a halo effect across the entire F&F range