MEDIA PLANNING GUIDE For Everyday Influencer Sales

MEDIA PLANNING GUIDE For Everyday Influencer Sales

7 December 2016

You may be thinking why you need a guide to get people talking about your product in a way that influences sales. What’s so hard about it – this is word-of-mouth and good products speak for themselves, right?

There are multiple types of influencers and a million ways to engage them (for more on that, check out our ebook “The Extraordinary Everyday Influencers”). If you are looking for the type of influencer engagement that communicates your brand story and has a significant impact on your product sales, there are some very important things you need to do to get it right.

This guide will help you develop the best influencer media plan for driving sales. We’ll show the right ways to develop a plan that generates and spreads the high quality reviews, photos, videos and personal experiences that influence purchases. Is this a bit biased since it's coming from us? Probably. But it’s based on more first-hand experience, engagement data, and sales results data than anyone else in this space. That’s a combination you can take to the bank every day.


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