New Research on the Rise of Multichannel Grocery Shopping

New Research on the Rise of Multichannel Grocery Shopping

18 February 2015

The newest global dunnhumby research report dives into one of the most discussed retail trends today, online and multichannel shopping.  In “The Multichannel Movement”, Julian Highley, Jason Nathan, Akshay Nigam, and Kamal Verma explore the rise of multichannel grocery shopping and how it is changing the way consumers buy. 

Consumers are making significant changes in the way they shop for groceries across online and in-store channels and this has important implications for brands and retailers. Across all levels of market maturity, there is rapid growth in online grocery shopping. Emerging and nascent markets are experiencing 90%+ growth, while growth in established markets exceeds 30%.

Shopping behavior online and in-store has fundamental differences. It’s critical for marketers to understand how to adapt to these rapidly evolving trends.  This new research explores:

  • how this behavior is growing in different markets around the world
  • profiles of the consumer most active shopping online
  • products and categories purchased most often online
  • entry level categories for new online shoppers
  • how online shopping changes the path to purchase
  • how that path to purchase varies within key categories

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