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Case Studies

Build awareness of my product's benefits

Educating consumers on the benefits of a2 Milk

a2 Milk is a solution to a problem many experience. It’s fresh, natural 100% cows' milk with a different protein type that is easier to digest than ordinary cows' milk. This makes it perfect for those who avoid regular cows' milk because they find it makes them bloated and uncomfortable. Often these symptoms are confused with lactose intolerance and customers are needlessly missing out on the health and nutritional benefits of milk, not to mention a morning cup of tea.

The goal

Help consumers enjoy cows' milk without discomfort and:

  • Educate consumers and potential customers about the benefits of a2 Milk
  • Position a2 as a fresh and natural milk without the associated uncomfortable side effects of regular milk
  • Drive recommendations via word of mouth

The action

dunnhumby launched a BzzCampaign targeting women aged 25-45 with children aged under 18 who regularly bought milk or milk substitutes. As a2 Milk is not suitable for those with lactose intolerance, we eliminated from our targeting anybody who had been medically diagnosed with any milk intolerance or allergy.

We sent our target audience a welcome pack with coupons for the milk, plus pass-along coupons for friends and family to try. We also included a booklet telling the story of a2 Milk.

3,000 participants were updated with e-mail bulletins throughout the campaign and encouraged to share their opinions on Facebook, Twitter and elsewhere.

The results

For many BzzCampaign participants, a2 Milk literally changed their lives. Convinced they could never enjoy cows' milk again, they spoke of their relief at being able to enjoy a cup of tea and joy at being able to share a bowl of cereal with their young children. Participants were so fired up by their discovery and new-found freedom from a bloated, uncomfortable belly, they spread the word far and wide:

  • 770,000 people reached (online and offline)
  • 17.3% increase in sales
  • 1,424 reviews generated, 1,507 conversations reported
  • 98% of feedback was positive