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Increase sales of my product range

Oral Care Manufacturer Builds A Regime One Visit at A Time

A grocery retail chain and global manufacturer of oral care products wanted what most retailers and manufacturers want: to get customers to buy more. More specifically, they wanted customers to purchase a wider variety of oral care products. The problem was, approximately 35% of the retailer’s customers buying toothpaste didn’t buy any other oral care products at the chain. On top of that, the number of toothbrush purchases dropped — a 9% sales decrease in the first half of 2012. The retailer and oral care manufacturer went to dunnhumby for the customer insight needed to boost regime purchase of toothpaste, toothbrush, and mouthwash.

The insight

Following a review of oral care sales and customer behavior, it was determined that:

  • About 20% of customers have more than one toothpaste in their basket
  • Whitening toothpaste is the largest toothpaste segment at the grocer
  • Toothbrushes are the most common product purchased with toothpaste

The action

With new insight into what customers were buying, the oral care manufacturer created a new toothpaste set: a double package of full-size whitening toothpaste that came with a free trial size of an advanced whitening toothpaste. This set became a top seller at the grocer in the first half of the year.

Following a Range Review recommendation and success to date, the supplier decided to continue offering the set, but with an added bonus to drive regime sales: coupons.

  • For three months, two coupons were offered (30% off toothbrushes and 30% off mouthwash from the oral care company)
  • To further boost interest, the grocer also promoted the set as its Cosmetics Hit of the Month (HOTM) for two months during this time

The results

Not only did sales jump, but valuable insight was also gained on how to increase regime sales moving forward. Here’s what happened:

  • Coupons were welcomed by consumers — in the last month of the period, 73% of coupons were redeemed (35% of mouthwash, 65% toothbrush)
  • Regime shopping increased, and a significant proportion of coupons (10% in one month) were redeemed in the same visit as a toothpaste set purchase
  • Coupons drove purchase of more expensive and upmarket toothbrush and mouthwash products
  • Promo seekers who relish the value in redeeming coupons in the same store visit were the highest set purchasers

This experience has left the oral care company with a better market position that will be used to cultivate other industry sub-segments in the future. Moving forward, the company will more clearly communicate via posters and other means that the offer can be realized in the same visit, to appeal to promo seekers.