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Case Studies

Identify and make the most of seasonal peaks

Capitalizing on Seasonal Customers Boosts Sales 26%

Who knew that Easter was one of the biggest cleaning seasons of the year? A major UK grocery retailer and a popular Eastern European cleaning product manufacturer knew, thanks to customer insights revealed when using Shop, the product performance and shopping behavior analysis tool from dunnhumby.

The insight

Second only to Christmas, Easter week garners up to three times more sales than other weeks of the year. Further findings from Shop revealed products that many customers only buy during the season, with no repeat purchases the rest of the year, as well as the most popular cleaning categories during Easter: window and toilet cleaners, universal cleaners, and cleaning cream.

The action

Our cleaning product manufacturer client set out to capitalize on this new customer purchasing knowledge and focus on the full potential of sales of toilet cleaning, window cleaning, and universal cleaning products during the short, but strong Easter season. Manufacturer and retailer began planning the major promotions they would run well in advance of Easter:

  • A promotional week for the cleaning categories
  • Simultaneous promotions across all subcategories to drive cross-shopping
  • Additional off-fixture displays, POS material, and in-store communication to strongly support promotions

The result

The advance planning that was enabled by dunnhumby insights paid off. Sales rose 26% compared to the previous Easter season. In addition, more customers bought multiple cleaning products in one Easter week visit (up 33% from 25%). Defining key opportunities in the category paired with strategic advance planning enabled the retailer and manufacturer team to make the most of an opportunity and focus on the right categories and products at the right time.