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Case Studies

Implement a store format strategy that improves the customer experience

Insight into Customer Behavior Drives In-store Purchases at Fuel Chain

A petrol chain wanted to improve the overall profitability in its 400 forecourt stores. Fuel by nature has a small profit margin, so the client engaged dunnhumby to understand how it can improve the customer experience to stimulate more sales inside the stores.

The insight

After a review of the customer base and behaviors, dunnhumby was able to come to some useful conclusions to help lift sales in the stores. Insights showed:

  • Over 3,500 different products were sold each week
  • Distinct shopper missions for the store estate were identified
  • Customers would respond to shopper mission-based store clusters; these clusters would inform product selection and assist with in-store merchandising

The action

Following dunnhumby’s recommendation to optimize the product range based on shopper mission, the fuel chain implemented “test and learn” assortment and merchandising trials in various store clusters.

The result

Through a new understanding of the customer base, and by catering to their shopping habits, the chain was able to boost non-fuel sales by 5.2% year-over-year.