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Case Studies

Drive trial and repeat purchase of my new product

Direct Mailing Delivers 50,000 Customers

Before a major food manufacturer launched a new sub-brand within its well-known instant coffee range, it engaged dunnhumby to provide insight into its customer base. The company was about to sunset an older line of instant coffee and replace it with a similar, but new, product with a new name. The challenge was ensuring it was retaining and protecting current customers, while reaching out to potential new customers who were buying the competition.

The action

In support of the product launch, the company partnered with a major grocery retailer to send a direct mailing to loyalty card holders at a critical time: right after the product had first appeared on the retailer’s shelves, in line with other above-the-line and below-the-line marketing initiatives.

The result

  • Sales growth: Sales grew by more than 50K customers post-mailing
  • Customer retention: 40% of sales were from loyal customers
  • New customers: 60% were repertoire customers buying the new coffee, as well as other instant coffee brands; a majority of these repertoire customers had been buying the competitor’s brand