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Case Studies

Quantify my advertising’s impact on in-store sales

Measuring The Impact of TV and Digital Ads

Can television’s actual impact on sales be quantified? Can local targeted TV drive better results than network TV? What is the sales lift impact of TV and digital? A well-known food brand asked dunnhumby to get to the bottom of these questions. For this study, dunnhumby needed to correlate what is seen on TV and on digital ads with what is actually purchased.

The action

To quantify TV and digital ads’ actual impact on sales for this well-known food brand, dunnhumby conducted one of the largest TV and digital sales lift studies ever, most likely the largest ever in local TV.

The study was comprised of three ads: one TV ad was served in 88 local zones on select networks and two digital ads were served on a major cable company’s website in these zones. The zones were selected because they have a high number of category purchasing households and penetration, and all together make up 5 MM households.

The results

The local targeted campaign was a success, as sales increased 30% among the households exposed to both TV and digital ads. The campaign also yielded a 7.4% sales increase in purchasing households and a 3.1% increase in total spend by buying households. Here is a closer look at the findings of this innovative study:

  • Sales lift was highest among households exposed to both TV and digital ads
  • The campaign produced a 10% uplift in sales
  • TV brings in new customers; digital secures more sales from existing customers
  • 62% of the purchasing household uplift came from new customers (new to brand, new to category)
  • “Splurge and Save” customers (those who behave differently in different parts of the store) saw the highest sales lift
  • The sweet spot of advertising exposure is 7-10 frequency; sales lift plateaus thereafter