Transforming customer data into customer delight

The volume, velocity and variety of data your customers create as they search, order, pay, play, watch, listen, talk and share provides invaluable insight into their attitudes and behaviours — insight that can be applied to create better experiences, the kind that give customers a reason to come back to you, instead of your going to your competitors. 

From better prices and promotions to better ranging and assortment to more personalised and relevant adverts and comms, we understand the advantages retailers and brands need today and have created a suite of capabilities to deliver them. Each represents a distinct area of expertise and plays a critical role in your journey to become a customer-led organisation.


Customer Strategy

Our Customer Strategy team will help you make the leap into customer centricity so you can better understand your customers, identify important strategic customer groups and focus on creating a relationship to best engage those customers. It’s an approach proven to profitably increase sales, build customer loyalty, and put an emphasis on strategically acquiring the customers who are most likely to become your best customers over time.

  • Connected Insights
  • Customer Strategy and Change
  • Customer Loyalty

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Customer Engagement

Our Customer Engagement capability finds audiences and customers wherever they are and serves them personalised communications, delivered via their channel of choice and done so at just the right time. We ensure dialogue with customers delivers seamless multichannel customer experiences that are relevant across all aspects of the shopping trip with proven measurable value.

  • CRM
  • Shopper Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Advocacy Marketing
  • Programmatic Display Advertising

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category Management

Ensuring the right product is in the right place at the right time is critical to rewarding customer experiences and, as such, fundamental to successful retail. Our Category Management capability will help you understand which customers are shopping and how their behaviours are impacting each category and each product’s sales so you can make the right strategic and tactical decisions concerning assortment, product and stock.

  • Category Leadership
  • Assortment, Display and New Product Launch
  • Inventory and Stock Management

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Price and Promotion

Customer price perception is crucial to winning loyalty, yet today’s shoppers are more price sensitive than ever. You need to be competitive, but you can’t reduce prices so low that you limit financial growth — or worse. So how do you achieve the right balance? Our strategic process, proprietary insights, engagement approach and cutting-edge software are designed to help you focus on what’s important to avoid the race to the bottom and grow customer loyalty and long-term profit.

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Big Data is… huge. And it’s only getting bigger. Our Data capability team can help you manage and make the most of it. We’ll work closely with you to assess your existing data capability and understand your business vision and goals, and then use that insight to provide expert advice and guidance on how best to exploit the data you have, increase your understanding of your customers, and drive incremental, measurable value to your business.

  • Strategy
  • Discovery and Continuous Learning
  • Transform
  • Enrich
  • Manage
  • Access and Enablement

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Our Science experts focus relentlessly on uncovering actionable insight within the context of the customer and enable our products and people in applying those insights in real-time. Genuinely passionate about data science, we’re always sharpening our cutting edge through research, partnerships, and open-source technologies, which means you’ll always benefit from the latest thinking and techniques, and your customers will always get the most exceptional experiences.

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