Personalised experiences begin with personalised products, custom tailored to help you meet customers’ unique needs

We’re reinventing the customer experience — again

Backed by world-class capabilities, our robust suite of powerful tools and multi-channel media assets will completely change the way you understand and engage customers. Armed with a clear 360° view of your customers – based on data such as shopping habits, social network interactions, local weather patterns, and media exposure – you’ll have the insight necessary to offer the personalised recommendations and deals that create better shopping experiences. Pair that with a seamless communication platform that serves up the right message at the right time and with the right frequency, and you’re ready to launch a truly innovative customer experience, designed to create delight, drive advocacy, and build loyalty at every touch point. And put you leagues ahead of the competition, of course.

Shop on Lab

Shop on dunnhumby Lab is a web-based tool that provides simple, self-serve access to the world’s leading customer insights, empowering you to make confident, data-led decisions that delight customers and grow sales.

Powered by best-in-class science and granular data on 470m+ customers worldwide, Shop provides on-demand answers to your business questions, ensuring you always have the insight you need to offer the products, prices and media that your customers want.

And since it’s on Lab – the insight and activation portal that brings together all of our best solutions – it’s easier to use than ever before. Featuring an intuitive interface and customisable dashboards, Lab quickly delivers the insights most important to you.

All our best insights, all our best science, all in one place. It’s the future of dunnhumby analytics; it’s Shop on dunnhumby Lab.

Shop is covered by U.S. Pat. No. 8,214,246

Real-time dynamic digital advertising

Combining cutting-edge ad tech powered by Sociomantic with unmatched insight on nearly one billion shoppers around the world, our digital media capabilities help brands, retailers and agencies create digital experiences that cut through the clutter. Applying a complete view of each customer – including the products they browse and buy in-store and online – to our real-time bidding capability, we’re able to identify the right customer, buy the ad space, and develop and deliver a personalised, relevant digital message, all in a matter of milliseconds and at mind-blowing scale. It’s the kind of thoughtful experience that customers love, and that earns you long-term loyalty and revenue.


Shelf Review

dunnhumby’s range analysis tool monitors, evaluates, and provides recommendations on your product line to ensure it meets customers’ changing needs. Because when you meet customers’ needs better than the competition, well, that’s the kind of advantage that sets you up for long-term success.

Media Centre

Industry-leading redemption rates, proven sales lift, and speedy campaign activation are just a few of the advantages of Media Centre, our personalised offer optimisation tool. Using our robust data set, we determine and deliver the right communication to the right customer at the right time. Just further proof that when you love your customers, they’ll love you back.

Multi-Channel Communications

Partnering with retailers and brands, we're able to share millions of personalised offers around the world through a frictionless, multi-channel strategy that reaches customers with the right message at the right time – in and out of store, before, during, and after their trip – creating moments of delight that build emotional connections and long-term loyalty.

Merchandising Analytics Software

Shoppers are giving you meaningful, actionable data with every item they buy… and don’t buy. Powered by proprietary scientific models and industry-leading predictive algorithms, our software solutions analyse real-time shopping data to uncover meaningful insights — the kind that enable you to accurately forecast shopper behaviour and make smart decisions for your business, now and down the line. Because when you truly understand what your customers want, you can optimise price, promotions, assortment, and inventory in a way that delights them, whilst growing value for you.

Social Marketing

Powered by BzzAgent, our social marketing campaigns activate the most passionate customers in your target, give them a personal experience with your product, and make it easy for them to share their opinions and recommendations with millions of others in-person and online. Which makes it easy for you to increase sales and ROI.

Media Efficacy

Showing a connection between ad exposure and online purchases is impressive, but we didn’t stop there. Thanks to our robust data set and media measurement partnerships, our media efficacy studies can show a correlation between ad exposure and brick and mortar purchases, empowering you to create the most efficient media plan. possible.