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Digital Recommenders

Predict what your customers want at every moment


What is it

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Increase customer satisfaction by sending product and content recommendations deeply tailored to Customer needs and interests.

Digital Recommenders lets you unlock the true value of Customer data, helping you get products directly in front of Customers when they’re already looking to buy. Help them quickly find what they want with ‘My Usuals’ and ‘Have You Forgotten?’, and make shopping more convenient with ‘Complementary’ and ‘Substitute’ product suggestions.

Turn raw data into accurate suggestions that aid discovery and uplift with Digital Recommenders.


Benefits you can expect

Place your product directly in-front of customers. Intelligent recommendations can showcase product suggestions by matching interests to the Customers that matter.

Sales Reduce friction by matching recommendations at different points in the purchasing funnel
reports Increase conversion rates for the long tail of your grocery inventory
Consultancy support Enlist suppliers to help build funded recommendation programs

How it helps

Provide Customers with messages and promotions that are tailored to their interests.

Run 'always-on' campaigns across any media channel to optimise the Customer’s path to purchase.
Continually score each Customer’s purchase propensity to ensure the highest degree of relevancy.
Increase engagement by matching recommendations at different points of the shopping journey.

How it works

With our Digital Recommenders proposition, you can activate a range of solutions to make Customers feel valued while making the digital experience more user-friendly.

Select your campaign objectives

Apply Customer Data Science across a broad set of retail data to make recommendations tailored to your Customers shopping needs.

Identify high-intent audiences

Administer additional business logic to specify further which Customers should or should not receive your recommendations.

Deliver recommendations in real-time

Recommendations can be delivered by API in real-time to web and app platforms, or by batch file to support other channels.


Results you can expect

A leading non-food and food retailer
A leading retailer approached dunnhumby for a solution to help deliver recommendations to their Customers to make shopping quicker and easier.

  • Customers are sent ‘My Usuals’ recommendations each week
  • 45% of exposed Customers brought the recommended products in the following two weeks
  • 25% sales uplift from customers exposed to advertising