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dunnhumby Restructures Relationship with Kroger in the US

27 April 2015

dunnhumby, the leading customer science company, has opened the way to work with other North American retailers and FMCG clients following a restructuring of its relationship with The Kroger Co (“Kroger”).

dunnhumby and Kroger will replace the existing exclusive joint venture with more flexible long-term license and service agreements.

North America represents a highly attractive market and significant opportunity for dunnhumby to market its customer science and data-driven insight and media products to retailers, consumer brands and media partners.

dunnhumby Ltd. and Kroger Announce New Relationship

27 April 2015

CINCINNATI, April 27, 2015 – dunnhumbyUSA joint venture partners dunnhumby Ltd and The Kroger Co. (NYSE: KR) today announced a new chapter in their successful alliance that will provide greater flexibility for both parties to use data to create substantial opportunities for innovation and growth. Under the new arrangements dunnhumby Ltd and Kroger will replace their existing exclusive joint venture with a new long-term license and service agreement and the acquisition of certain assets from dunnhumbyUSA by Kroger.

One giant leap: how connecting data is changing the ad industry

21 April 2015 — The Guardian

Adam Smith, Head of Media Strategy, looks at the how the ad industry is changing - thanks to the leap to connected data. This is the ability to connect household-level media exposure data, for instance TV viewing, directly to consumer behavior such as in-store purchases securely, anonymously and at scale. This connects what people see and hear over time, directly to what they do. 

Engaging Customers on Their Terms

16 April 2015 — Indian Retailer

For better shopping experiences, dunnhumby provides a data-driven approach to retailers rewarding them with customer loyalty, states Dr. Anthony Kilili, Capability Director, Communications & Media of dunnhumby India. 

Marketers Need Insights Artists, Not Data Scientists

15 April 2015 — AdExchanger

Justin Petty, Vice President Media Partnerships at dunnhumby, explains that the term data scientist should be changed to insights artists. Insights artists must understand the business needs and what exactly needs to be solved. They need to see the whole picture from the data, business application and - most importantly - customer perspectives.

GNC tailors mail marketing to customers' purchase habits, demographics

4 April 2015 — Pittsburgh Tribune - Review

GNC has been working with dunnhumby to build loyalty with their target customers via direct mailings. dunnhumby Senior Vice President, Consumer Marketers, Peter Miles-Prouten explains the process as "like a snowflake. No one got the same communication."