dunnhumby and China Resources Vanguard (CRV) to create China’s most trusted Big Data company

Unprecedented opportunity for Chinese business to harness dunnhumby's world-leading big-data expertise to drive growth through improved customer experience

Shanghai, 12th July 2017 - dunnhumby, the world’s leading customer data science company, and China Resources Vanguard (CRV), China’s leading retailer, today announced a 50-50 joint venture partnership to bring an unparalleled standard of data analytics through a holistic combination of online and offline data, that help China clients unlock the value of being truly customer centric and yield market success.

It is agreed that dunnhumby’s Shanghai branch is to continue operation as the joint venture under the same brand, to create the country’s most trusted big-data business – both within grocery retail and beyond. At launch it will have five principal focus areas:

  1. To improve the shopping and browsing experience for CRV’s customers. dunnhumby will apply its 27-year expertise in creating more customer-centric organisations to CRV’s grocery and non-grocery retail businesses, helping the retailer to use its own data to better understand, segment and engage with customers – improving the in-store experience across more than 3,000 retail outlets across China.
  2. Providing comprehensive customer insight services to the CPG market. Giving exclusive rights to access unparalleled insight into the shopping behaviours of 20 million Chinese customers of CRV, dunnhumby will offer a suite of data-driven solutions and consultancy services to CPG companies, helping them improve their assortment, customer understanding and communications online, offline and in-store.
  3. To provide other Chinese businesses across multiple sectors with market-leading data analysis and insight services. dunnhumby will be in a position to support a range of consumer-facing businesses such as airlines, telcos and banks that are looking to harness their data to better understand, engage and reward customers.
  4. To help Chinese businesses have more relevant and personal conversations with their customers by providing superior data-driven digital-media targeting and evaluation services. dunnhumby and Sociomantic, its programmatic advertising division, will harness third-party data sources to improve customers’ experiences and responses to online, social and mobile marketing communications in China.
  5. Create a market-leading big-data research & development capability in China focused on creating new tools, capabilities and algorithms to uniquely capture the needs of the Chinese big-data market

"dunnhumby’s comprehensive understanding of consumers and ranges will be a powerful resource for brands and marketers. Brands can now act on ground-breaking insights provided by China Wisdom dunnhumby to better identify range, communications, price and promotions opportunities and build the right customer strategies to grow their businesses" said Hui Xu, CEO of CRV.

Guillaume Bacuvier, CEO of dunnhumby said: "dunnhumby’s ambition is to use data and science to improve the shopping experience for more than one billion customers around the world. This landmark agreement with China Resources Vanguard will transform the shopping experience for CRV’s customers across China as well as giving businesses in other sectors the opportunity to drive growth by better understanding, engaging and rewarding their customers."

Terms of the deal are confidential and not disclosed.


About dunnhumby:

A world-leader in customer science, dunnhumby has pioneered the use of big data to drive growth for retailers and brands since 1989. With more than 50 offices in 29 countries, dunnhumby’s strategic process, proprietary insights and multichannel media capabilities deliver competitive advantage for clients including Coca-Cola, Homeplus, L’Oreal, Monoprix, Procter & Gamble, Raia Drogasil, Raley’s, Shoprite and Tesco. Applying insights from 800 million shoppers globally, with specialisms in customer knowledge, customer engagement, pricing & promotions, category management and supplier collaboration – dunnhumby team of 2000 experts optimises retailer data investment, develops internal expertise and creates tailored solutions that build margin, sales & profit in all competitive environments.

About China Resources Vanguard:

China Resources Vanguard (CRV) is a state owned Chinese business and the largest offline grocery retailer owned by China Resources(Holdings)Co.,Ltd. Established in 1984, the grocer is operating hypermarkets, supermarkets, convenience stores, liquor stores and cash and carry businesses, includes several popular brands like CRV, Suguo Supermarket, Ole ', blt, V+, Tesco Express, V>ngo, Lifespace, Voi_la! and e-CRV.  CRV has committed to promoting long-term community growth and prosperity, through employment, local foundation grants, philanthropic initiatives and corporate sustainability since 30 years ago. With "Better Life Together" as the core corporate philosophy and through continuous optimization and development, CRV devotes itself to becoming a leading retailer that improves the quality of life for Chinese people

For more information on dunnhumby, please visit: www.dunnhumby.com

For more information on China Resources Vanguard, please visit: www.crv.com.cn

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