dunnhumby wins the 2019 ABEMD Award in the Campaign/Program category

The 'Trade 360' campaign, carried out in partnership with Raia Drogasil and Hypera Pharma, saw sales quadruple through enhanced customer engagement.

São Paulo, BRAZIL - dunnhumby, one of the world's leading customer data science consulting and solutions companies, won the 2019 ABEMD Award in the “Campaign/Program” category and ranked among the top three in the Brazilian marketing scene for this category. To earn this award, dunnhumby presented to the jurors the integrated media campaign, 'Trade 360', prepared for RD (Raia Drogasil) and Hypera Pharma.  With more than 1,800 stores nationwide, Raia Drogasil is the largest pharmaceutical retail chain of the country and one of the market leaders, with more than 32 million customers. 

Using a combination of traditional and programmatic media, based on artificial intelligence algorithms, dunnhumby and RD were able to reach hundreds of thousands of customers, with four-fold higher sales obtained in the campaign-influenced group when compared with the volume recorded for the group that were not targeted by the campaign. The strategy integrated intelligent banners programming and interactions in social media channels with exposure to messages directly in the physical stores, discount coupons, counter displays, and e-learning sessions for sales clerk engagement at the Point of Sales.

The Trade 360 project has not only increased footfall in the stores - and simultaneously in the digital channels, but also produced a vigorous sales phenomenon for the muscle relaxant Miorelax, by Hypera Pharma.

In the opinion of Ricardo Kamaura, RD Trade MKT Director, this business model innovates by connecting business partners’ brands with potential customers with the use of RD database and multiple activation channels. This campaign architecture coincides with the company’s constant quest for drawing value from their information assets to bring absolutely personalized treatment to customers. “More than just a branding action, we succeeded in generating incremental results and accurately calculating each media’s impact on the bottom line, enabling a clear view of the return on investment for the advertiser,” Kamaura states.       

Concrete media impact measurement

One of the innovations brought by the Trade 360 project was the application of customers’ transactional data retrieved from the chain’s loyalty program to the campaign strategy. With concrete transaction data, the retail chain was able to identify the stores’ customers during their on-line and off-line journeys. This way, it was possible to clearly measure the actual impact of each message and each media type on the target public and their respective conversion rates.

According to Fátima Leal, Media Manager, dunnhumby Brazil, measuring the simultaneous multichannel media impacts and using actual customer data represents a disruption in the ad scheduling process. “Knowing the result of each message in each media is very relevant, not only to determine the campaign’s ROI, but also to gauge future schedules,” said the executive.

In the opinion of Moritz Wolff, Media Head Latam, ABEMD award is an important achievement for dunnhumby Brazil media team, mainly because it is a recognition from the data marketing community. “We want to share this award with Raia Drogasil and Hypera Pharma teams, which, just like dunnhumby, rely on Customer Data Science as the best path for the current marketing,” the director concluded. 


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