Netshoes chooses dunnhumby to implement “Customer-First” strategy

Major e-commerce player in Latin America partners with the world’s leading customer data science company to adopt customer knowledge-based optimization solutions to improve the shopping experience.

São Paulo, BRAZIL – March 11, 2019 – Netshoes, one of the largest online shopping companies in Latin America, is re-engineering its analytical marketing approach to become a 100% ‘Customer-First’ e-commerce company.

Global leader in Customer Data Science-based technology and services, dunnhumby, now provides consultancy, implementation and support for Netshoes on their ‘Customer-First’ journey.

Recently, Netshoes invested in its navigation and big data exploration structure for merchandising purposes. Now, with dunnhumby’s support, the company will develop the scientific modeling of the entire consumption cycle for its several platforms to move them to the best practice ‘Customer-Centric’ standard advocated by dunnhumby.

Globally, dunnhumby has wide experience implementing this methodology through transactional and statistical data analysis involving about 1 billion shoppers worldwide.

The adoption of the ‘Customer-First’ strategy is recognized by retail specialists as a major trend for optimizing growth in the changing consumer landscape, dramatically affected by the networked society and rapid emergence of an increasingly participative, demanding, experience-sensitive consumer.

To respond to this phenomenon, the ‘Customer-First’ strategy repositions customers as the main retail asset and aligns the whole operation with customer success as the priority, with business success being a consequence of the model.

With more than 23 million registered members, Netshoes operates its own sports lifestyle e-commerce platform and other brands, such as Zattini, Shoestock, and Free Lace, working for hundreds of leading shoe, bicycle, clothing, accessories and sports supplement brands, with hundreds of thousands of items. Its infrastructure is also responsible for the online sales operation of about 20 independent brands, such as ShopTimão, Loja.NBA and Olympikus.

From data organization to marketing insight

For Netshoes, dunnhumby will transform all their internal processes to be ready for ‘Customer-First’. The goal is to reformulate the consumer journey, going beyond the traditional model of ‘category/product/target audience’ to implement an operation that is 100% focused on the ‘Customer-Centric’ philosophy, in which the systematic follow-up of the ‘Customer’s sentiment’ functions as a basis for a dynamic marketing strategy.

This work begins with the revision of data ingestion processes, then moves to an in-depth assessment of Netshoes Group’s clients and each of its brands. dunnhumby will help Netshoes customize the shopper experience, including the development of 1-to-1 personalized campaigns for each individual customer. This includes a customized design of the online store interfaces and redirection of distinct – also customized – decision engines in the various service channels and customer activation.

According to Graciela Kumruian, Netshoes COO and #Foconocliente committee leader, the data on transactions with clients is already an important source of rich insights for the company; however, the adoption of the ‘Customer-First’ concept provides the intelligence with a new meaning, impacting the entire physical and human infrastructure. “We are going to align all the operational elements in order to attract, retain, and engage customers with the idea of a long-term marriage,” concludes the executive. 

For Natalia Salgado, Head of New Business for dunnhumby Brazil, to better serve Netshoes, the company will not only draw on the expertise of the team in Brazil but also use the best practice benchmarks from other markets where dunnhumby is present. Globally, dunnhumby has 15,000 collaborators and approximately 500 data scientists following up the daily lives of some of the largest physical and online retail chains on the planet.

In addition to Netshoes, dunnhumby in Brazil partners with large retailers, such as Grupo Pão de Açúcar, Raia Drogasil and several companies in the consumer goods sector.

“The idea is not just to reproduce successful experiences, it is to design exclusive algorithms for Netshoes’ ‘pure e-commerce’ ecosystem,” highlights the executive.


About Netshoes

Netshoes is one of the major consumer online platforms in Latin America, with its own operations in Brazil, Argentina, and Mexico. With more than 2,500 collaborators, it offers through Netshoes, Zattini and Shoestock e-commerce platforms, a broad product and service portfolio in the sports, fashion, and beauty categories.

The company also operates over 20 e-commerce stores in the region, such as NBA, NFL, Olympikus and Puma official stores, and sponsors some of the main football teams in each of the countries where it is present, such as Corinthians, São Paulo, River Plate, Chivas, and América do México, amongst others.

Committed to the consumer and aiming to become a global leader in online shopping experience, Netshoes is driven by innovation and multiplatform connectivity.


About dunnhumby

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