dunnhumby media’s Sociomantic platform awarded IAB UK Gold Standard certification


Continuing commitment to best practice and transparency in the digital media industry

London, UK – May 23, 2019 – dunnhumby media is pleased to announce that its programmatic technology Sociomantic, has been awarded the Gold Standard certification by the IAB UK. This award reflects dunnhumby media’s commitment to raise standards in digital advertising and reinforces its continued commitment to best practice, supported by recent achievements such as Certified Against Fraud Seal by TAG and the Trust Seal by EDAA.

The IAB UK Gold Standard is an initiative to reduce ad fraud, improve the experience of digital advertising, and increase brand safety. Sociomantic upholds the IAB Gold Standard principles and has complied with the following measures to help foster better digital advertising:

  1. Reducing ad fraud by adopting the ADS.txt initiative across programmatic buying. dunnhumby media will use ads.txt files to buy from authorised sellers only from August 2019.
  2. Increasing brand safety through the JICWEBS DTSG Good Practice Principles.
  3. Improving the digital advertising experience by adhering to and promoting the LEAN ad standards identified by the Coalition for Better Advertising.

“Congratulations to dunnhumby media for achieving Gold Standard certification” says Tim Elkington, IAB UKs Chief Digital Officer. “This achievement demonstrates the company’s commitment to reduce ad fraud, improve the digital advertising experience and increase brand safety. Not only are the dunnhumby media team setting a great example for others to follow, they are raising the bar and helping to ensure a sustainable future for digital advertising as a whole.”

“We are committed to creating a sustainable future for the digital advertising industry and strongly support industry-wide initiatives that contribute to this” says Jimmy Ross, Senior Product Manager at dunnhumby media. “The great thing about the IAB Gold Standard is that it ensures a wholistic approach to best practices across the ecosystem by covering areas as varied as Fraud, Brand Safety and Creative Standards.”



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