customer science

From insight to delight: Transforming customer data into customer loyalty

What is customer science?

If you’re looking for a formal definition, consider it the science of analyzing customer data to find and apply insights that create better shopping experiences. Though at its core, it’s really so much simpler than that: customer science is the art of knowing and treating customers better than anyone else. Because when you show customers you love them, well, they’ll love you right back. It’s a proven approach that has delivered competitive advantage and sustained growth for our clients, time and again.

This is way bigger than Big Data

Armed with data from nearly one billion customers worldwide, such as shopping habits, social network interactions, local weather patterns, media exposure, and more, we uncover trends and apply insights to create engaging, personalized, multi-channel experiences that show customers you truly understand them — from texting a coupon for a favorite soup to brighten up a rainy day to simply ensuring that laundry detergent is right where they’d expect to find it (and at a price they’re willing to pay). You know, the kinds of thoughtful experiences that don’t just meet customers’ wants and needs, but delight them in ways that earn their lifetime loyalty, too.

A single loyal customer is just as valuable as 12 uncommitted ones

Instilling a love of loyalty

At dunnhumby, we’re passionate about loyalty. Why? We’ve always believed that good things happen when you build your business around your best customers. In fact, we believe it so strongly that we form long-term partnerships with clients to help them do just that — by instilling a love of loyalty and customer-first business strategy, we help clients put best customers at the center of every decision, delivering measurable value, competitive edge, and even more data to fuel ongoing optimization and lasting success.

20 – 35% of a brand’s loyal customers are responsible for 70 - 80% of its total sales

During 2015, we sent over 16 million direct mail pieces leveraging the dunnhumby data and our relationship with dunnhumby that drove approximately 1% of incremental sales. These are some of the first steps in creating meaningful long-term connections with our customers.

Michael ArchboldCEO and Director, GNC

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