Brand Guidelines

dunnhumby logos

We’re delighted to hear you’re talking about us, but please be sure to follow our logo usage guidelines while you’re doing it — we have a good design reputation to maintain.


White dunnhumby Logo


Charcoal dunnhumby Logo

Logo Clearance

The minimum clearance area is determined by placing a lowercase ‘y’ – as it appears in the dunnhumby typeface – around the dunnhumby logotype. The height of the ‘y’ forms the minimum clearance area. No type, images, or other graphic elements may appear within this area.

Please note this is a minimum clearance area. Additional clearance should be given if possible or appropriate.

Dunnhumby Clearance

Our Colours


Pantone 613 U
C8 M11 Y100 K30
R177 G155 B0
RAL 1027


Pantone 152 U
C0 M68 Y100 K0
R225 G112 B0 #E17000
RAL 2011


Pantone 3278 U
C100 M0 Y76 K0
R0 G155 B116
RAL 6024


Pantone 241 U
C33 M100 Y1 K2
R163 G26 B126
RAL 4006


Pantone Black 7 U
C0 M0 Y23 K93
R54 G53 B52
RAL 7012


C0 M0 Y0 K0
R225 G255 B255 #FFFFFF
RAL 9016

Designing for dunnhumby?

There's a lot more to us than our logo. Contact for our Brand Style Guide, the definitive guide to writing and designing for dunnhumby.

Media fact sheet

Writing about dunnhumby? Find everything you need to know about us right here, in our handy media fact sheet.

Download it now (.pdf)