Open Your Doors to Advocacy ebook

Open Your Doors to Advocacy ebook

6 August 2012

How retailers can use customer shopper data to build widespread advocacy

Have you ever wanted the ability to look over the shoulder of your customers and share their shopping experience or be let in on what they say about your store to others? Having that power would give you the ability to anticipate the needs of your customer, improve your in-store experience, and empower your most loyal customers to become advocates – influential people who recommend your brand to friends through social media and face to face conversations.

Thanks to the ability to combine social shopping and loyalty programs, a social-savvy retailer can do exactly that, in real time. That data is in the transactions your customers make with your loyalty card, in your customer site visit data and in the engagement surrounding your brand online. By diving into shopper purchase data and combining it with profiles on their social media activity and influence over others, you can identify the ideal potential advocates and encourage them to share their experiences. Knowledgeable and enthusiastic customers have a lot to say about your sales, product selection and in-store experiences to friends in person and to millions online across Facebook, blogs and Twitter.

Their impact on your business can be far more influential than any type of advertising. Some retailers see advocacy as a billion dollar business opportunity. That opportunity walks through the doors of your stores every day. Open your doors to retail advocacy and leverage shopper data to build a highly effective advocacy program that can drive sales you can measure.



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