Loyalty Killers: Behaviors That Drive Loyal Customers Away

Loyalty Killers: Behaviors That Drive Loyal Customers Away

19 December 2014

Six common behaviors that drive loyal customers away and what you can do about them

We all spend a lot of time thinking about, talking about, and strategizing for loyalty. (Well, we do if we’re doing our jobs right.) But how much thought or attention goes toward identifying and eliminating those things that take away from loyalty?

There are many of them, and they often come in the form of failures that go unnoticed, unmeasured, and unaccounted for by retailers. We focus so much on loyalty builders that we often ignore loyalty killers.  Naomi Kasolowsky has written about the most common loyalty killers: what they are, how to identify them, and how to annihilate them.  Here’s a collection of these articles to help you fight off the killers that could be knocking off your best customers. It’s imperative to kill the loyalty killers before they kill you.



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