LOYALTY Rx - Solving healthcare’s consumer loyalty crisis with data

LOYALTY Rx - Solving healthcare’s consumer loyalty crisis with data

13 May 2016

There’s a serious loyalty problem in healthcare today. Half of patients would change their primary care physician. Most are open to a growing range of alternative care options.  And everywhere, rapid innovations in personal technology are enabling them to take more control over their healthcare decisions, changing the way they manage their health and how they choose which providers to see. 

As loyalty wanes, maintaining strong patient care relationships becomes more complex. And that’s a problem for hospitals and healthcare facilities—it increases inefficiency, drives up costs and creates poor patient experiences. 

Download this new study from dunnhumby to understand the behavioural changes occurring in healthcare decision-making today, and how it varies across segments. You’ll learn how a better understanding of patient data enables you to create personalised experiences online, in the facility and at home, all with an eye towards being consumers’ first choice.



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