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dunnhumby Moves Key Executive Paul Hunter to BzzAgent's Boston Office

13 December 2011 — YAHOO! FINANCE

BzzAgent, the social marketing arm of dunnhumby, today announced Paul Hunter as COO. Hunter previously served on dunnhumby's executive team as CIO and helped establish dunnhumbyUSA. As COO, he is charged with integrating the dunnhumby operating model with BzzAgent's business. Hunter will report to BzzAgent's CEO Dave Balter and be located in the Boston office.

dunnhumby's Stewart Logan: We can get back to the corner store with data-driven creative


The data-driven approach has significant implications for the traditional creative agency, particularly as communications move from a mass-marketing model to one-to-one relevance. There are three primary ways that data-driven creative differs from the traditional model.

dunnhumby's Matt Keylock: Five ways digital marketing can improve customer loyalty


Digital is clearly delivering value to both people and businesses and dramatically remaking the way in which we understand how the two connect. For businesses to continue to win, they need to understand their customers across channels and respond to their needs better than their competitors.

Reckitt Benckiser and Danone use dunnhumby data to shape online loyalty

2 December 2011 — MARKETING WEEK

Reckitt Benckiser, Danone and Pfizer Nutrition are among the companies using a new data service from dunnhumby to connect consumers’ online engagement with their brands and in-store shopping habits.

How Macy's latest moves are paying off

29 November 2011 — BUSINESS COURIER

“My Macy’s is about listening to the customer and reacting,” Jim Sluzewski, Macy's spokesperson said. “It’s doing a million little things right.” These little things include keeping long-sleeve shirts on racks year-round in parts of the country where it never gets very warm. Or making sure bathing suits are in stock earlier in warmer parts of the nation. Thanks to My Macy’s, merchandise is selected locally now, instead of regionally.

Metro nominated for 2011 Marketer of the Year

28 November 2011 — MARKETING

Metro makes its mark with a customer-centric marketing strategy that redefines loyalty in Canada. To further leverage the effectiveness of Metro & Moi, the grocer has been working with dunnhumby since early 2010 to develop the program and provide consumer analytics. As a result, Metro was able to personalize its offers to consumers based on their shopping preferences.

How Macy's latest moves are paying off


Boston and New York City may have similar winters, but for Macy’s, the devil was in the snowy details.  Macy’s noticed last year that the heavy coats it offered in colder Boston weren’t selling as well as they did in New York.

dunnhumbyUSA employees raise $2,500 for Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center

16 November 2011 — CINCINNATI ENQUIRER

Forty-four dunnhumbyUSA employees and their families hit the pavement to raise money for Cincinnati Children’s Hospital at the 6th Annual Cincinnati Walks for Kids event on October 15 at Coney Island. As part of the company’s employee-led philanthropic program, Helping Hands, the dunnhumbyUSA team raised more than $2,500 for Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, a world-class non-profit research center and hospital. The event brought together 8,500 participants, who chose to walk either 1 mile or 3 miles.

Three Keys to Making Customer Loyalty An Enterprise-Wide Philosophy


“You’ve got to be hungry for that success as an organization, but you also have to be aligned and you have to make sure that what gets executed across the business is consistent. How you do that within a big organization is a really big challenge,” said Matthew Keylock, senior vice president, client solutions, dunnhumby USA. Keylock spoke on “Improving the Customer Connection along the Path to Re-Purchase” at this month’s LEAD Marketing Conference in Chicago.

dunnhumbyUSA wins 2011 Greater Cincinnati Best Places to Work for 4th time

4 November 2011 — BUSINESS COURIER

As dunnhumbyUSA brings home another win for Best Places to Work in Greater Cincinnati, Stuart Aitken, CEO of dunnhumbyUSA, talks to the Business Courier about what makes dunnhumby a unique place to work.

dunnhumby's Bob Welch: quit discounting, start rewarding


As consumers increasingly search for value throughout the shopping experience, both retailers and brands are relying more on promotions as a strategy to achieve sales gains, drive shelf performance and attract new buyers. For shoppers, discounts are everywhere -- on Facebook, daily deal websites, in loyalty mailers and at shelf. Coupon clipping became a popular pastime in the United States as coupon redemption rates skyrocketed during the recent economic recession, reaching record levels from 2007-2010.

dunnhumby's Matt Keylock: too many big retail holiday promotions can be a distraction for customers

1 November 2011 — AOL DAILYFINANCE

As holiday shopping season kicks into gear, retailers are going into overdrive in the battle for your bucks. And with daily deal web sites like Groupon and mobile shopping apps offering so many deals to online shoppers, the big stores are even more desperate to get you through the door.

Tesco's Clubcard is one of most important algorithms in use today

1 November 2011 — THE IRISH TIMES

From the books you buy online to the Club points you accumulate, algorithims drive modern commerce – thanks to smart minds that once cracked the Stealth’s secrets. With thousands of outlets and millions of customers, deciding what to stock in a Tesco store is a delicate science. Tesco utilises the skills of data company Dunnhumby, which has created a “Rolling Ball” algorithm around the chain’s ClubCard system.

Matt Keylock to keynote LEAD Marketing Conference in Chicago Sept. 21


The LEAD conference, hosted by the Shopper Technology Institute, focuses on all aspects of loyalty, engagement, analytics, and digital marketing applications. Matt Keylock, SVP, New Business Development & Partnerships will deliver a keynote address on "Improving the Customer Connection Along the Path to Re-Purchase." Held September 19-21 in Chicago, the LEAD conference focuses on understanding and leveraging the many emerging technologies crucial to attracting and maintaining shoppers.

dunnhumbyUSA Named Top Ten Great Place to Work® in United States


dunnhumbyUSA has been named a 2011 Great Place to Work® in the U.S. by the Great Place to Work Institute, Inc., in conjunction with dunnhumbyUSA placed 9th out of 50 recognized companies in the category of small and medium workplaces.

Team of dunnhumbyUSA interns present Cincinnati mural to Drop Inn Center


A team of interns in dunnhumbyUSA’s internship program worked together to raise over $1,000 in donations to help support the Drop Inn Center, Cincinnati’s largest homeless shelter that feeds more than 220 people on a daily basis. Through hosting a company cookout, the group was able to raise money for both a cash donation and additional funds to purchase over $500 of dry goods for the residents, including laundry detergent, cleaning supplies and coffee.

Study: Online marketing drives 21% in-store sales lift

13 October 2011 — DRUG STORE NEWS

Online marketing campaigns contributed to an in-store sales lift of 21%, according to an analysis of multiple consumer packaged goods online ad campaigns that was released Tuesday by ComScore and dunnhumbyUSA.

comScore and dunnhumbyUSA Research Shows Online Advertising Lifts In-Store CPG Brand Sales

11 October 2011 — ISTOCK ANALYST

comScore and dunnhumbyUSA today released results of multiple studies measuring the offline sales impact of online display advertising for consumer packaged goods (CPG) advertisers. Retail sales were measured by analytically linking the permission-based comScore panel of one million U.S. Internet users to their anonymous loyalty card in-store purchase data provided by dunnhumbyUSA; no identifiable personal data was disclosed.

dunnhumbyUSA Promotes Five to Vice President

10 October 2011 — PROGRESSIVE GROCER

dunnhumbyUSA has named the following executives to vice president: Dan Romer and Kathy Grigg, client solutions; Miska Spaulding, communications and media; Allen Zink, global learning and development; and Gavin Gilchrist, customer insight.

dunnhumby's Stewart Logan: How data-driven creative is transforming the customer-retailer relationship


The data-driven retail revolution of today has significant implications for the traditional creative agency. As customers increasingly demand personalization and communications move from a mass-marketing model to one-to-one relevance, a new paradigm is emerging. Data-driven insights are creating a new language for retailers and marketers to deliver personalization and the tools to break traditional agency rules.

BzzAgent eBook Provides Framework for Developing Successful Social Shopper Marketing Programs

4 October 2011 — MARKETWIRE

BzzAgent, the social marketing arm of dunnhumby, today announced the release of its latest eBook, "From Loyalty to Advocacy: Driving Sales with Social Shoppers." The guide offers advice to marketers on how to use data and insights from customer loyalty programs to make their social media marketing campaigns more targeted and effective at generating sales.

Purpose, not just pay, makes for happier workers

30 September 2011 — CINCINNATI ENQUIRER

dunnhumbyUSA employees talk to the Cincinnati Enquirer about a workplace built on collaboration, creativity and innovation.

dunnhumbyUSA named one of Cincinnati's "Best Places to Work"

22 September 2011 — BUSINESS COURIER

The Business Courier's Best Places to Work program is based on the results of anonymous employee surveys, measuring work-force engagement and finding out how employees feel about management effectiveness, trust and other workplace issues. More than 100 firms were nominated to participate in the competition, which is now in its ninth year.

dunnhumby to trial loyalty card with Fresh & Easy

17 September 2011 — FINANCIAL TIMES

dunnhumby has been featured in the Financial Times as news broke about our loyalty programme trial with the US chain, Fresh & Easy. 

dunnhumby and BzzAgent discuss the future of customer loyalty online

14 September 2011 — CINCINNATI ENQUIRER

While some companies market online, they haven't necessarily studied the most effective ways of doing so, says Matthew Keylock, senior vice president of new business development and partnerships at dunnhumbyUSA. dunnhumby and BzzAgent hope to understand which forms of online marketing translate to more loyal customers - and sales growth. "Consumers are increasingly in control, and the more you send them junk or things not relevant to them, the more negative an impact you have," Keylock says.

Beyond a loyalty program: Using loyalty data to create a unified strategy


Too often companies create loyalty programs as a one-off tactic, rather than embedding loyalty as part of a holistic approach to the business. As a result, the loyalty program becomes one more silo in the business, creating a disjointed experience for the customer and a missed opportunity for the business. Kathy Grigg, vice president, Client Solutions at dunnhumbyUSA, discusses how retailers can leverage customer loyalty data to create a unified, customer-driven strategy across the entire organization.

dunnhumby's Lisa Kinney on "The future of product innovation for retailers"


The future holds good news for retailers both large and small: the product innovation game is changing. Tracking new product innovation from its development to eventual launch, there are now resources available that have the potential to change this entire process and evaluate its impact more precisely. Most retail executives and their manufacturer vendors would agree that until now there has been little emphasis or new solutions that help both parties achieve long-term innovation sustainability.

dunnhumby and Macy's to share stage at NRF's Big Show in January 2012

9 September 2011 — NRF'S RETAIL'S BIG SHOW 2012

This coming January, dunnhumby will be sharing the stage with Macy’s at the National Retail Federation’s Big Show in New York. This will be the first time that dunnhumby and Macy’s will jointly share the details of Macy’s collaborative customer journey to an external audience. From dunnhumby, Stuart Aitken and Katherine Black will discuss My Macy’s and the program three years into the making.

dunnhumby continues to expand leadership, names four to SVP in U.S.

9 September 2011 — PROGRESSIVE GROCER

dunnhumbyUSA has named the following executives to senior vice president: David Hills, legal affairs; Matthew Stewart and Stewart Logan, communications and media; and Robert Manning, client solutions.

dunnhumbyUSA to donate parking for Bengals games

8 September 2011 — BUSINESS COURIER

dunnhumbyUSA will again offer 63 parking spots at their downtown headquarters for Cincinnati Bengals home games and donate the proceeds to a pre-selected local nonprofit.

dunnhumby's Matt Keylock on "Creating Meaning in the Digital Environment"


The digital universe is essential for companies to better understand and reach customers. One of the biggest challenges on companies’ minds today is building a digital presence that does its job: one that engages customers, cultivates loyalty and spurs advocacy.

dunnhumbyUSA Partners with TRA to Accelerate Television Advertising Solution

23 August 2011 — REUTERS

dunnhumbyUSA and TRA, a leading media and market research company, today announced a partnership that leverages dunnhumbyUSA’s data, expertise, customer relationships and analytics to accelerate TRA’s leading solution linking TV viewership and shopper purchase behavior. As a result, consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies, advertising agencies and television networks will benefit from the industry’s most comprehensive solution for understanding and improving advertising effectiveness.

Stuart Aitken utilizes customer loyalty to grow dunnhumbyUSA

2 August 2011 — SMART BUSINESS

Stuart Aitken, CEO of dunnhumbyUSA, discusses the company's unique business model with Smart Business. “We fundamentally believe that you have to focus on loyal shoppers to be successful. It sounds like a principle that most companies would adopt and adhere to. But what we’ve found is that very, very few do. You talk to companies and the vast majority of companies talk about bringing in new customers, new clients, etc.

Retailers, manufacturers need to work on collaboration


dunnhumby experts Saundra Linn and Haluk Nural discuss how collaborating around the customer can be a win-win strategy for both retailers and manufacturers.

dunnhumby welcomes its fourth cohort of graduates

13 June 2011

From small beginnings come great things and as each of our previous graduate batches, who are living examples of this fine saying, celebrated the completion of another year at dunnhumby, we welcomed eighteen recent graduates from top Indian universities on their first day with dunnhumby.

Create customer engagement through relevant assortment


Today's retailer must deliver a relevant and personalized shopping experience. A customer-first product assortment can often serve as the foundational element of that experience, driven largely by a deliberate and strategic collection of offerings. Moving away from the traditional assortment strategy: "We have something for everyone," today's strategy should tell a different story: "We understand what you need."

dunnhumby's Simon Hay on buying BzzAgent

26 May 2011 — RESEARCH LIVE

Research magazine discusses dunnhumby's recent acquisition of word-of-mouth marketing firm BzzAgent with Simon Hay, CEO of dunnhumby Ltd.

dunnhumby Ltd. to Acquire Social Marketing Company BzzAgent

23 May 2011 — BUSINESS WIRE

dunnhumby Ltd., a global leader in building brand value for consumer goods and retail companies, today announced that it has reached an agreement to acquire Boston-based social marketing company BzzAgent, Inc. The acquisition is a marriage of one of the leaders in shopper marketing with a social marketing pioneer.

Five ways to personalize the e-commerce experience


John LaRocca and Andrea Brown discuss the importance of sustaining a customer-first strategy in e-commerce.

dunnhumbyUSA Restructures Leadership


dunnhumbyUSA, a global vendor that leverages shopper data to build brand value for consumer goods and retail companies, has restructured its executive leadership in order to optimally position the company for future success.

Matthew Keylock Joins RetailWire's BrainTrust Panel

28 March 2011 — RETAIL WIRE

Matthew Keylock, SVP, New Business Development and Partnerships at dunnhumbyUSA, has joined a prestigious list of experts on RetailWire's BrainTrust. The BrainTrust panel of experts volunteer to lend their point of view on trends and news within the retail space, also lending advice on programs and policies as needed. Users can subscribe to Matt Keylock's comments via his BrainTrust profile.

Organization engagement: Five key steps to aligning around the customer


dunnhumby's Dave Palm discusses how retailers can embed an organizational capability around the customer to create sustained change beyond the short-term impact of tactical insights.

Simon Hay becomess dunnhumby's new Chief Executive

1 March 2011 — DUNNHUMBY

Simon Hay today takes up his new role as Chief Executive of dunnhumby Ltd. He follows in the footsteps of the founders Edwina Dunn and Clive Humby, who step down from their respective roles as Chief Executive and Chairman. It marks the first change at the head of dunnhumby Ltd since it was founded in 1989, in which time it has grown from a two person company to one employing more than 1500 people working in 25 countries all over the world.

At Metro, loyalty card data will help boost sales

23 February 2011 — CANADIAN GROCER

Nearly a year after it launched its Metro & Moi loyalty card program in Quebec, Metro Inc. is starting to see results that are leading to sales at its stores, says the retailer’s president Eric La Flèche. dunnhumby, the global customer loyalty firm that Metro hired to develop the Metro & Moi program, is starting to work through the data with the goal to increase sales from existing shoppers. dunnhumby is doing the same with data Metro collects from Air Miles cardholders in Ontario.

Five barriers to building retail customer loyalty


Keith Colbourn discusses the barriers many retailers face in launching and managing successful loyalty programs and a rewards structure that can sustain long-term growth. 

In Cincinnati, dunnhumbyUSA Supports City-Wide Effort to Attract Creative Workforce


The future belongs to cities that can attract so-called "knowledge" workers - managers and other professionals - and "creatives" - scientists, engineers, artists, designers and architects. Many economists and planners agree that a workforce heavily populated with those kinds of jobs is a sign of a community well positioned for the future.

Getting To Know Them: Who are your shoppers and what do they want?


Retailers are relying more on technology to gather shopper data to help inform operations — particularly when it comes to uncovering unmet customer needs that could be satisfied with store brand products.But before retailers can leverage the data, they have to capture the data, which means they need to identify the types of data they need and the best ways to capture them.

Increasing retail ROI through collaborative communication


Mark Wilmot, senior vice president, head of communications and media at dunnhumbyUSA, discusses how effective communications can deliver a tremendous benefit to a company's bottom line and a customer's brand experience. A key piece of a continuous communications strategy is collaboration between manufactures and retailers.

The Andrew Davidson Interview: Edwina Dunn and Clive Humby

16 January 2011 — SUNDAY TIMES

A profile of Edwina Dunn and Clive Humby by the Sunday Times in the business section on leaders in business.

The Food Marketing Institute and the Grocery Manufacturers Association Endorse Brand Website Study

6 January 2011 — SUPERMARKET NEWS

The Food Marketing Institute and the Grocery Manufacturers Association, on Wednesday announced their support for a research study on how consumers use brand websites and how the use of these websites impacts shoppers’ in-store buying behavior. Accenture, comScore and dunnhumbyUSA will conduct the study to help CPG marketers increase the value of their digital marketing expenditures. The results of the study will be available this spring.

Fred's Inc. Chooses PriceStrat for Price Modeling and Optimization

5 January 2011

Cincinnati, OH – Jan. 5, 2011 — Discount retailer Fred’s Inc. of Memphis, Tenn. (NASDAQ: FRED) has selected KSS Retail from dunnhumby as its provider of price modeling, forecasting and price optimization. Fred’s, with more than 670 stores and 300 pharmacies throughout 15 states, will utilize KSS Retail’s PriceStrat from dunnhumby, solution to optimize pricing and promotions to enhance its competitive position and deliver customer value.

Ruby Tuesday hires dunnhumbyUSA

5 January 2011 — BUSINESS COURIER

dunnhumbyUSA signed a three-year partnership with Ruby Tuesday Inc. The Cincinnati-based consumer insight company will incorporate continually updated information about customer behavior and preferences into day-to-day decision making at Ruby Tuesday’s restaurants across the country.

How dunnhumbyUSA supports charities and organizations that define their community

4 January 2011 — SMART BUSINESS

Stuart Aitken and his family often lead the way and actively participate in events, such as the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life walk. It’s through this kind of leadership that dunnhumbyUSA, a relevance marketing company, decided to create the Helping Hands program in 2006. Formed with a mission to organize and support activities for dunnhumby employees and family members to make a difference in their local community, the program is not just restricted to Cincinnati.