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dunnhumby USA Recognized for Charitable Giving

31 December 2013 — The Cincinnati Enquirer

dunnhumbyUSA was honored recently by Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center for its outstanding corporate giving and philanthropic efforts. 


'Tis the season: Retailers Collecting Customer Data To Boost Sales

22 December 2013 — The Globe and Mail

“The amount of data being produced today is an exponential multitude of what we’ve had in the past,” says Marc Fischli, chief operating officer of Dunnhumby France, the U.K.-based “customer science” firm that was so good at predicting the behaviour of Tesco’s clients that the grocery chain bought a majority stake in the company. “Now you can literally personalize the shopping experience of a household or person.”


2014 Medical Mutual Pillar Awards For Community Service -- SHARE Award

19 December 2013 — Smart Business

Employee participation runs Helping Hands and a dunnhumby team is assigned to manage the relationship with each charitable organization to determine where the need is. The team must also establish goals for working together effectively and organize dunnhumby events throughout the year.

Doctor Who, Twitter, and the demise of the master brand as a comms tool

16 December 2013 — Brand Republic

Clive Humby, a key architect of Tesco Clubcard and chief data scientist at Starcount, explains why sub-brands will prosper in the age of social media.

dunnhumby Increases Customer Loyalty With Oracle Big Data

11 December 2013 — Oracle

Hear how dunnhumby strengthened its competitive advantage, consolidated and centralized its data, and benefitted from better analysis increasing customer loyalty using Oracle Advanced Analytics and Oracle Exadata, and ZFS Backup Appliance.

What's On The Store Shelf?

9 December 2013 — The Financial Express

The writer is global capability director for multichannel, dunnhumby, a retail analytical firm and a customer science company. Ranging, or selecting which products will be displayed on the store shelves, plays a key role in driving sales. The right ranging is about satisfying customer requirements and maximizing profitability.

Tesco Tech Revolution To Kick Off in London

7 December 2013 — The Grocer

Tesco is promising a technology revolution in its London stores next year – and to roll out initiative across the UK if they are a success. “We have been working closely with dunnhumby and 2014 is going to be a big year for technology,” Yaxley said. “We are going to be introducing lots of stuff, most of which will be based around convenience and speed.”

Small Businesses Need Big Data, Too

5 December 2013 — Harvard Business Review

If you run a small or medium-size business, chances are you haven’t felt a need to invest in extensive customer data, relying instead on your well-honed intuition to help you hold your own against data-rich, bigger competitors. A lot of small-firm owners and managers feel that way, and in many cases they’re justifiably proud of their competitive intangibles—a gut sense of the market and the flexibility to change quickly.

Grocery And Convenience Store IT News For VARS

3 December 2013 — Business Solutions

The news includes a prediction that grocery stores will leverage mobile more in 2014, organizations support the debit card swipe fee ruling, and an increasing number of supermarkets are providing “personalized pricing” online or through mobile apps. Simon Hay, CEO of Dunnhumby, says that although fewer than 5 percent of offers are personalized, he expects this number to rise more than 30 percent over the next 8 years.

Analysis: No Checkouts, No Chocolate: Online Shopping Hits Impulse Buys

27 November 2013 — Reuters

"The check out is still complex, costly, not terribly consumer friendly," said Simon Hay, chief executive of Dunnhumby, the customer science company owned by the world's third biggest retailer Tesco. "The biggest value is getting the return shopping trip," he said, noting that items potentially lost at check-out were small and incremental from the retailer's perspective.

Personalized Supermarket Prices Could Become Norm

23 November 2013 — San Francisco Gate

Dunnhumby tracks more than 1 billion items purchased each week. Its software detects customers' buying patterns (times of visits, favored brands, types of items bought) to figure out what it calls the customer's DNA: whether the shopper has an infant, likes to cook from scratch, or is health or environmentally conscious.

Why Customer Loyalty Isn't A 10-Step Process

22 November 2013 — Retail Customer Experience

Naomi Kasolowsky, Global Capability Director, dunnhumby talks about a formulaic approach to customer loyalty. Many have tried, but you can’t develop a simple 10 step list for building loyalty. People are far too complex, and businesses are so unique and full of opportunities that it’s impossible to uniformly apply 10 steps that will work for everyone.

Big Data Without Your Own Data Is A Big Mess

21 November 2013 — AdExchanger

Global Head of Data, Matt Keylock writes for AdExchanger's "Data Driven Thinking," a series written by members of the media community containing fesh ideas on the digital revolution in media. 

What Retailers Don't Know About Price Optimization Is Killing Them

19 November 2013 — RIS News

When it comes to price optimization, many retailers are working with tools that are one step above pencil and paper in terms of scientific rigor. Whether it's dumping numbers into Excel or going down the impossible road of building a solidly crafted in-house solution that yields precise, science-driven outputs, big money is being left on the table due to the lack of scientifically sound methods. Profit Is bleeding from three key areas ...

dunnhumby Centre Construction At Grade

15 November 2013 — 3CDC

The dunnhumby Centre, the new development at the corner of Fifth and Race streets in downtown Cincinnati, received its first concrete pour at street level yesterday, reaching one of the key milestones in building construction. 

Big Retailer Is Watching You: Stores Seek To Match Online Savvy

15 November 2013 — Reuters

"Too much is happening without consumer consent," said Simon Hay, chief executive of dunnhumby, the customer science company owned by Tesco that is behind its loyalty card program. "You have to be transparent with data, tell people what you're doing with it and why and give them something in return."

Metro, dunnhumby Deliver Personalized Shopping Experience

13 November 2013 — Supermarket News

Metro’s partnership with Dunnhumby is helping the Canadian supermarket retailer provide an easier and more personalized shopping experience for its customers, according to the chain’s chief marketing officer.

Design Ok'd For Downtown's dunnhumby Centre

5 November 2013 —

The design of the new nine-story dunnhumby centre, under construction at Fifth and Race streets Downtown, was approved Monday by Cincinnati’s Urban Design Review Board, according to developer 3CDC. Shown is a rendering of the $125 million building, designed by Chicago-based Gensler and expected to be completed by January 2015.

Tesco Offers Up Personalised Ads Based On Facial Indicators

4 November 2013 — Planet Biometrics

According to Amscreen, the Tesco network is the first organization to roll-out its technology nationally. dunnhumby will enhance the system by helping to build right time, right place, and right message customer engagement.  

Work Starts On dunnhumby HQ

1 November 2013 — Look West

Work to convert 184 Shepherd’s Bush Road into a global HQ for ‘customer science’ specialists dunnhumby has begun.The development, which should create 1,000 jobs in Hammersmith, will also see more than £200,000 spent to improve the surrounding area, including Little Brook Green.

GNC Uses dunnhumby For Omni-Channel Segmentation

28 October 2013 — Chain Store Age

GNC Holdings Inc. will use customer-centricity solutions from dunnhumbyUSA across all facets of its marketing to more effectively segment and engage with in-store and online customers. This will include personalized communications and offers to shoppers through both online and offline channels.

dunnhumbyUSA Partners With GNC

28 October 2013 — Progressive Grocer

dunnhumbyUSA has entered into a multiyear contract with GNC Holdings Inc. to apply its customer centricity solutions across all facets of GNC’s marketing, working closely with GNC to more effectively segment and engage with customers of its more than 6,200 retail outlets and online at throughout the United States. This will include personalized communications and offers to shoppers through both online and offline channels.

InfoScout Dashboard Turns Receipts Into Brand Data

21 October 2013 — Research

InfoScout has raised $5m in investment in its series A financing round, with backers including Bain Capital, Founder Collective and Dunnhumby Ventures.

How Pandora, Kellogg's, comScore And Comcast Compete In A Data-Driven World

21 October 2013 — AdExchanger

VP Digital Advertising & Global Partnership of dunnhumby, Lung Huang authors. "These are distinct cases of companies using data to make business decisions that will help them gain or retain a competitive advantage. Data keeps these enterprises alive, whether online, in the car, at the breakfast table or in the boardroom."

What Big Data Will Mean For Advisors

17 October 2013 — Think Advisor

Matt Keylock, Global Head of Data at dunnhumby, makes the key point that “your own data is the place to start,” adding that “buying third-party data may be fine for prospecting activity, and can add color to your own customer records, but it is not the foundation you want to build on.”

dunnhumby Launches ConvenienceShop

15 October 2013 — CSPnet

ConvenienceShop provides detailed shopper segmentation through analysis of actual purchase behavior, demographic information and overall engagement that can help CPGs better understand shopper frequency, purchase adjacencies, purchasing patterns, promotional performance and brand loyalty.

dunnhumby Unveils Behavioral Insights Portal

14 October 2013 — Convenience Store News

dunnhumby today unveiled ConvenienceShop, a new online portal that provides comprehensive point-of-sale and behavioral insights based on loyalty data from nearly 5 million U.S. convenience store households. This product is targeted to consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies.

Emotional Loyalty Emerges Among Many Brands, Customers

2 October 2013 — Loyalty 360

Through analysis of dunnhumby’s second Customer Centricity Index (CCI), a compelling and emerging piece to the loyalty puzzle is emerging: Brands need to make an emotional connection to their customers.

dunnhumby: Menards is Most Customer Centric DIY Chain

1 October 2013 — RetailWire

In its second Customer Centricity Index (CCI) report, dunnhumby measured home improvement (DIY) retailers and chains selling housewares. Using its seven pillars assessment, dunnhumby reported that Menards graded higher than larger rivals Home Depot and Lowe's as well as True Value and Ace Hardware among DIY chains for customer centricity.

dunnhumby Reveals America’s Most Customer-Centric Home Improvement & Housewares Retailers, According to Their Customers

30 September 2013

Menards and IKEA Top Rankings; Higher Customer Centricity Index Score Linked to Sales Growth

Ikea, Menards Tops In Customer-Loving

30 September 2013 — MediaPost

While retailers are inclined to toss the phrase “customer-centric” around almost as often as they say “30% off,” very few actually excel at focusing on consumers. But a new study from dunnhumby names Ikea the most customer-focused housewares company, with Menards coming in tops among home improvement stores.


Low Marks For Loyalty? Pier 1 And Other Housewares Retailers Miss a Magic Bullet

27 September 2013 — Forbes

Data analysis firm dunnhumby, recently shared the results of its Customer Centricity Index (CCI) exclusively with FORBES. The survey takes measure of customers’ perceptions of how well retailers meet their needs and wants.

Closer Ties for TiVo and dunnhumbyUSA

27 September 2013 — MrWeb

DVR and TV viewing data pioneer TiVo Research and Analytics, Inc. (TRA) has extended its two-year relationship with dunnhumbyUSA, signing an exclusive partnership agreement further integrating the firms’ grocery purchasing and television audience data.

TiVo and dunnhumbyUSA offer richer insights

27 September 2013 — RetailingToday

dunnhumbyUSA and TiVo Research and Analytics agreed to expand an existing relationship that combines TiVo’s set-top-box viewing data from 4.4 million households with dunnhumby’s grocery purchase information from 60 million households.

dunnhumby Ventures Launches to Accelerate Innovation in Retail Tech Start-Ups

24 September 2013

Dave Balter to Lead Seed-Stage Investment Fund; Seeking Remarkable, Data-Driven Startups Who Will Change the Future of Retail

Tesco Ventures Into Consumer Data With New Specialist Investment Fund

24 September 2013 — The Guardian

dunnhumby, a customer science company wholly owned by the retail giant, launched its own dunnhumby Ventures firm on Tuesday.

Best Medium Workplaces

20 September 2013 — Great Places to Work

dunnhumbyUSA was named #25 on the list of Great Places to Work

Not easily sold

19 September 2013 — Research

According to new research from dunnhumby, a consumer’s sensitivity to price greatly influences their response to advertising tactics and the channel of delivery. Justin Petty, vice-president of media solutions, explains what this might mean for marketers and decision makers.

Does In-Store Technology Really Deliver a Better Customer Experience?

18 September 2013 — RETAILWIRE

We've all heard the claims: The rapid advance of in-store technology will enable retailers to offer customized offers to shoppers; deliver better service via endless aisles and mobile checkouts; and give shoppers the freedom to use their own devices to enhance their brick and mortar shopping experiences.

Price-Sensitive Shoppers Can Be Profitable for Brands

4 September 2013 — Advertising Age

Price-sensitive shoppers have long been pariahs of marketing, seen as cash-strapped deal seekers who are unprofitable because they switch brands relentlessly.

Food Sales Edge Up in August But Miss The Olympic Effect

3 September 2013 — The Grocer

Food sales managed to climb 1.4% on a like-for-like basis according to a study by Tesco and dunnhumby

Consumer Confidence Edges Up In Latest Tesco Survey

27 August 2013 — The Grocer

Shoppers are finding more reasons to be cheerful about the economic outlook, according to a new report from Tesco and its data division, dunnhumby.

Feel Good Factor Lifts Consumer Confidence To Three-Year High

25 August 2013 — Telegraph

A new report today claims the proportion of shoppers who agree the economic situation in the country has improved has more than doubled to 21pc in the past three months.

Marketing to the Quantified Self

20 August 2013 — AdExchanger

As technology enables consumer-collected data at scale, often referred to as the quantified self, first-party data has become a misnomer. First-party data needs to be defined from the perspective of the true first party -- the consumer -- who is collecting the data, not the publisher or the marketer.

dunnhumby Participating in 2013 Hispanic Retail 360 Summit

13 August 2013 — Comcast Spotlight

Lung Huang, Vice President of Digital Advertising, Global Partnerships, will be participating in a panel discussion looking at how to reach English-language-preferred Hispanic audiences across multiple screens.

Use CRM Data To Build Relevance -- And Avoid Message Overload

13 August 2013 — Advertising Age

Media is changing, from the way we consume it to the types of parties creating it. As more CPGs invest in building out "owned" media to make the most of their CRM data, the competition for attention is growing. The result is a lot of branded content clutter.

Direct Marketing's Media Take Over

31 July 2013 — Marketing News

Today, the convergence of Big Data and addressable media is creating new, thrilling implications for the future of direct marketing. The two have a symbiotic relationship with each other – more data improves our ability to increase relevancy in consumer touchpoints, which in turn yields better response (clicks/comments/purchases) and hence generates more data.

dunnhumby Plans Relocation to London W6

31 July 2013 — MrWeb

In the UK, retail data specialist dunnhumby is planning to relocate 1,000 staff from its two Ealing offices to a newly refurbished, 115,000 sq ft building in Hammersmith, in 2016.

D2 Cincinnati Agenda & Speaker Line-Up Announced

31 July 2013

Early Bird Registration Open Until August 11

Ground Your Innovation Strategy In The Shopper

30 July 2013 — MediaPost

New Product Development (NPD) is a key competitive strategy for consumer goods companies, but traditional means of identifying revolutionary ideas are falling short. Billions of dollars are invested annually throughout the NPD life cycle with nearly 20,000 new consumer goods products launching each month globally, according to Mintel. With the unprecedented amount of data available to consumer packaged goods manufacturers today, why do we continue to accept a 90% failure rate for an expensive and vital competitive asset like new product innovation?

Westerland Signs dunnhumby For Hammersmith Mega HQ

26 July 2013 — CoStar Group

Westerland Real Estate, the property arm of the company that owns Access Self Storage, has signed customer science company dunnhumby for all of its striking 115,000 sq ft office redevelopment of the Grade II listed former Ford Motors warehouse in Hammersmith, west London, CoStar News can reveal.

Big Data’s Real Challenge: Consumer Value

25 July 2013 — Ad Exchanger

Big Data is enabling breakthrough innovations in national infrastructure, biology, medicine and national disasters. It’s also good for business, making it easier for companies to understand their customers and deliver value based on that knowledge. But, so far, Big Data hasn’t succeeded in making advertising easier on brands or on consumers.

Feel Good Factor Lifts Consumer Confidence To Three-Year High

25 July 2013 — The Telegraph

A new report today claims the proportion of shoppers who agree the economic situation in the country has improved has more than doubled to 21pc in the past three months.

LinkedIn Co-Founder Forecasts Eventual Demise of Direct Marketing

19 July 2013 — Forbes

Some industry insiders such as LinkedIn’s co-founder Allen Blue predict that today’s direct marketing techniques which target messages based on an individual’s profile will become less effective and eventually disappear.

For The Hack Of It

18 July 2013 — Impact Magazine

Hosted in Boston in partnership with the "big data hacker space" Hack/Reduce, the event brought together 111 teams to compete.

What are the unique leadership challenges that expat CEOs in India face and how do they deal with them?

17 July 2013 — The Economic Times (ET)

Rex Davis of dunnhumby India discusses the challenges faced and strategies adopted by expat CEOs in India.

From Foreign Shores

16 July 2013 — The Economic Times

What are the unique leadership challenges that expat CEOs in India face and how do they deal with them?

KSS Retail Contracts with AutoZone to Deliver Price and Promotion Optimization

15 July 2013

CINCINNATI, OH– July 15, 2013 – KSS Retail from dunnhumby announced today that it has entered into an expanded client agreement with AutoZone, the nation’s leading retailer and a leading distributor of automotive parts and accessories.

AutoZone selected KSS Retail’s PriceStrat® from dunnhumby solution to deliver science-based price modeling and promotion optimization across the retailer’s merchandising organization. KSS Retail will work closely with AutoZone to implement its price and promotion strategies within PriceStrat so that the company can improve its customer loyalty.

Analysis: Loyalty cards - How retailers are using the data

12 July 2013 — Retail Week

Grocers have used loyalty scheme data to enhance product offers, stores and promotions. Glynn Davis considers how much more potential it holds.

Q&A with dunnhumby's Euan White: What is customer centricity?

9 July 2013 — Loyalty 360

Euan White, Senior Vice President at dunnhumby participated in a Q&A with Loyalty 360 and offered insights on a variety of topics, including his company’s loyalty initiatives, what factors influenced those initiatives, customer feedback, industry challenges, and loyalty philosophy.

Using Technology To Get to the Next Stage In the Loyalty Lifecycle

9 July 2013 — Loyalty 360

Businesses have an enormous opportunity today to propel their loyalty strategy into the next realm of customer engagement. This next realm is also the next stage in the loyalty lifecycle, one where the customer engages with a brand and a business emotionally.

From Vision to Reality: Integrating Owned Media & Retail Strategies for Consumer-Centric CRM

3 July 2013 — SHOPPER 360

With advancements in digital media, consumer packaged goods (CPG) manufacturers are able to identify and speak directly to their most valuable consumers in new and exciting ways.

Leadership Lessons from dunnhumby's Rex Davis


Rex Davis, Managing Director of dunnhumby India speaks to the Hindustan Times about what it takes to be a great leader.

With Big Data, Context is King

1 July 2013 — LOYALTY 360

Big Data allows us to connect with customers on a deeper, more meaningful level. It enables us to find connections and patterns from disparate data points.

JCDecaux To Target Shoppers With 400 digital Screens Outside Tesco

1 July 2013 — BRAND REPUBLIC

Advertisers will soon be able to target shoppers by day of the week and time of day through new digital screens being erected outside 400 Tesco stores, outdoor specialist JCDecaux has revealed.

Goodbye Mass Mailings: Technology And Targeted Direct Mail


When Macy’s Inc. wanted to improve sales from its catalog, the company turned to dunnhumby, an analytics firm specializing in giving customers personalized shopping experiences.

Advertisers Push for Data to Measure Audiences in Multiple Channels

1 July 2013 — DATA INFORMED

The multichannel model is where the future is headed, said Justin Petty, vice president of global media solutions and partnerships at dunnhumby. Justin was a panelist at Wharton's School's Future of Advertising Program which explored innovations in measuring effectiveness.

Duke of York Visits Ealing's dunnhumby

24 June 2013 — EALING GAZETTE

Prince Andrew has visited the Ealing headquarters of dunnhumby - one of the largest employers in the borough. The Duke of York was introduced to data scientists at the firm in Uxbridge Road, as met graduates and interns to discuss the graduate trainee programme.

Sir Terry Leahy: Retailers Must Use Their Data To Give Customers What They Want


In a world where the customer demands that brands are "ubiquitous but under their control," retailers must learn to use the data in their businesses to give customers what they want if they are to prosper.

Marketing News Bytes: dunnhumby Acquires Standard Analytics


dunnhumby absorbs Standard Analytics (SA), a company specializing in machine learning and analytics with a focus on sales forecasting.

dunnhumby Buys Standard Analytics

18 June 2013 — RESEARCH

dunnhumby said the acquisition would allow it to offer clients greater understanding of customer purchasing patterns and behaviours through Standard Analytics’ predictive sales modeling and real-time out of stock alerts.

dunnhumby Acquires Standard Analytics LLC

18 June 2013 — Yahoo! Finance

dunnhumby, the world’s leading customer science company, acquired Standard Analytics (SA) LLC, a pioneer of machine learning and advanced analytics focused on sales forecasting, to bolster the company’s existing algorithms portfolio. The Standard Analytics brand name will cease to exist, while its technology and key personnel will be absorbed by dunnhumby. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

dunnhumby Acquires Standard Analytics LLC

18 June 2013

Pioneer of Machine Learning and Advanced Analytics Focused on Sales Forecasting to Bolster the Company’s Existing Algorithms Portfolio

dunnhumby Reveals America's Most Customer-Centric Food Service Retailers, According to Their Customers

13 June 2013

Outback Steakhouse and Panera Bread Top Food Service List; Higher Customer Centricity Index Score Linked to Sales Growth

Fast-Food Chains Like McDonald's Corporation Lack Customer Loyalty, Unlike Starbucks And Panera Bread


When it comes to service, McDonald's Corporation’s customers just aren’t lovin’ it. After posting its first monthly same-store sales decline in nine years last October, the world’s largest restaurant chain started to push its workforce to provide service with a smile.

'Unknown Unknowns' Are The Future Of Data Science

12 June 2013 — COMPUTING

"Unknown unknowns" are going to form a significant part of the "rosy" future for data science and data scientists, according to Giles Pavey, head of data science and innovation for dunnhumby, an analytics consultancy whose clients include the likes of Tesco, Coca-Cola and Unilever, some of the biggest companies in the world.

dunnhumby Product Launch Hackathon [VIDEO]

7 June 2013 — Vimeo

dunnhumby CIO Yael Cosset showcases dunnhumby's lastest hackathon in Boston and the company's approach to innovation.

dunnhumby's Lung Huang to Speak at OMMA RTB Europe in London

5 June 2013 — MEDIAPOST

Data is the fuel driving the new machine of automated, real-time buying and selling, but have these sources become as commoditized and indistinguishable as some of the inventory that swamps the online space?Lung Huang, VP of Digital Advertising at dunnhumby, will discuss this topic at the OMMA RTB Europe Conference in London, Tuesday 11 June.

Business Can Be Personal With the Right Segmentation

31 May 2013 — LOYALTY 360

Companies have been segmenting their customers for years to deliver relevant products, offers and communications. Local stores may not have called it “segmentation,” but they knew who their best customers were and how to provide them with special recognition or offers based on individual preferences. That special attention to their customers and particularly their “best customer segment” reinforced the behavior of those customers so they would continue to frequent that particular store.

dunnhumby's Lung Huang and Nishat Mehta to speak at ARF Audience Measurement June 10


From dunnhumby's Global Partnerships team, Lung Huang and Nishat Mehta will discuss data's impact on the advertising and media landscape at the Advertising Research Foundation's Audience Measurement Conference in New York City.

Love the Ones Your With: The Importance of Loyal Customers

30 May 2013 — GCI MAGAZINE

Creating a connection with consumers has always been an objective for leading beauty brands. Today, new paths to reach this goal are emerging as marketers are increasingly able to access consumer/customer data, a valuable data set that goes beyond financial metrics to provide a longitudinal view into a consumer’s shopping basket and behavior.

How To Transcend 'Above-The-Line' And 'Below-The-Line' Thinking

23 May 2013 — ADEXCHANGER

In Adexchanger, dunnhumby VP of Media Solutions, Greg Corso, describes how the proliferation of addressable media, including the emergence of measurable TV, targeted online advertising and traceable social-media activity, has strengthened the connections between marketers of different media disciplines.

dunnhumby's Matt Keylock to speak at RampUp! May 30th

23 May 2013 — RAMPUP!

Matt Keylock, Global Head of Data at dunnhumby, will be joining of panel of experts at RampUp! to discuss Big Data and it's impact on digital advertising, specifically online and offline attribution. RampUp! is an annual conference held in Mountain View, California that brings top executives from the industry's biggest players in ad technology to discuss data's impact on the landscape.

Hacking Boston With Consumer-Data Firm dunnhumby


"Keep Calm and Continue Testing." The Harvard student's T-shirt tagline seemed to encapsulate the mood in the frigid room filled with data crunchers. It was just another drizzly Saturday in the MIT neighborhood of Kendall Square in Cambridge, Mass., where mostly young men gazed at their laptops, observing predictive models parsing data representing grocery-store purchases of things like DVDs and milk. It was just another hackathon.

Tesco and dunnhumby Release Consumer Today Report

17 May 2013 — dunnhumby

British consumer confidence crept up in the three months to the end of April, but the mood still remains changeable. This is the key finding of the second edition of The Consumer Today, a quarterly report from dunnhumby and Tesco.

As Loyalty Programs Grow More Sophisticated, A Look At How They Work


Loyalty programs at supermarkets used to be as simple as getting access to the cheaper advertised prices on store shelves. But as companies fight to hold onto customers amid intensifying competition, they’re using shoppers’ purchasing histories to offer more personalized deals.

dunnhumby and L'Oreal to speak at OMMA Data-Driven Marketing during Internet Week, May 23

15 May 2013 — MEDIAPOST

Katherine Black, SVP of Client Leadership at dunnhumby and Brigitte Foley, Senior Vice President, Digital Strategy, e-Commerce & CRM at L’Oréal Luxe USA will join a panel discussion on "This Revolution Will Be Personalized: Turning Databases Into Real Conversations." Held in New York City on May 23rd, the event will also feature Quinn Kilbury, Senior Brand Manager at PepsiCo, another dunnhumby client and valued partner.

dunnhumby, AAF Cincinnati start Cincinnati Digital Dialogue


A new partnership between the American Advertising Federation Cincinnati and dunnhumbyUSA is setting the stage for the city's first consumer-focused digital marketing conference.

Hackathon Helps Retail Analytics Firm ‘Find Talent, Learn New Ideas’


Retail analytics firm dunnhumby Ltd. hosted a hackathon Saturday in Cambridge Mass. and online through Kaggle Inc., a company which hosts predictive modeling competitions, to predict how future consumer goods will sell.

dunnhumby Beefs Up Senior Leadership


dunnhumbyUSA, a global leader in building brand value for consumer goods and retail companies, has made changes to its Cincinnati-based senior leadership.

dunnhumby's Haluk Nural to speak at Cincinnati AMA Luncheon May 17th


Haluk Nural, head of dunnhumbyUSA’s manufacturer business, will give attendees an inside look into how Cincinnati’s fastest growing marketing firm is taming the big data tidal wave to drive more accountability across the marketing ecosystem. Haluk will discuss how marketers can embrace the data explosion to serve as agents of change and help their organizations adopt powerful and measureable strategies across the business.

Digital conference to showcase region


The D2 Cincinnati digital conference will be sponsored by consumer insights firm dunnhumbyUSA and the local chapter of the American Advertising Federation. It will be held on Sept. 11-12 at Horseshoe Casino Cincinnati and will replace the annual Digital Non Conference that ran for five years.

dunnhumby's KSS Retail launches business intelligence solution


KSS Retail, a global provider of price optimization and shopper insight solutions for the grocery, convenience, chain drug, general and online retail industries, has launched a new product that will enable businesses to efficiently harness data for more accurate forcasting.

Cincinnati to Host dunnhumby's New Digital Marketing Conference


dunnhumbyUSA and the American Advertising Federation will host D2 Cincinnati (Digital Dialogue) Sept. 11-12 at Horseshoe Casino Cincinnati, the organizations announced Wednesday.

Visionary CIOs See Uses for Google Glass


Although Google Glass is at least a year away from public availability, CIOs are mulling ways to use the wearable computer to make employees more efficient.

dunnhumbyUSA and AAF Cincinnati Announce D2 Cincinnati: The First Customer-Centric Digital Marketing Conference

8 May 2013

Digital Marketing Conference to be Held September 11-12, 2013, at Horseshoe Casino in Cincinnati, Ohio.

dunnhumby Taps Crowdsourcing for NPDI


dunnhumby, a customer science company, will host a Big Data hackathon challenge May 11 in Boston, MA, in an effort to develop a predictive model for the success of new product launches at retail. For the challenge, participants will have access to a dataset developed from the company’s customer database of shopping behavior for 400 million households worldwide.

dunnhumby's Justin Petty to present "How Consumer Price Sensitivity Influences Advertising" in ARF webcast Tuesday, May 7th


New research from dunnhumby deciphers the role of price sensitivity within advertising and its impact across media channels. Presented by dunnhumby's lead media analyst, Justin Petty, VP of Media and Partnerships, this webcast will review how a consumer’s demonstrated sensitivity to price influences how they respond to digital advertising, TV advertising and to social media tactics.

Harnessing Big Data


"One of the risks associated with Big Data is its focus on what marketers could do and can do. What often gets lost is what we should do," says Matt Nitzberg, dunnhumby's executive vice president of communications and media. "You need to have a shopper-centric orientation and see to it that the shopper is excited and delighted to hear from you. That's really where the art meets the science."

CIOs Cultivate Innovation By Building Applications


Forced to do more with less, some CIOs are spurring in-house innovation labs, setting aside a portion of their staffing and budgets for trying new cloud services or building applications they hope will generate additional revenue for the company. These are activities some industry experts say all CIOs should work to achieve.

Big Data: The Time For Talking Is Over

19 April 2013 — ADEXCHANGER

In our industry, the volume of data is growing by leaps and bounds, rushing forward with such momentum that, frankly, it scares everyone from the highest-level boardroom executives to junior analysts.

Data Scientist: The Sexiest Job of the 21st Century

19 April 2013 — WVXU

One sure way to get a job these days is to be a "Big Data" specialist. These are the people who can interpret massive amounts of information and tell businesses how to use it to make money.

From Big Data to Bigger Insights

18 April 2013 — LOYALTY 360

Big Data certainly deserves the media attention it’s getting. The more data you can collect, the easier it is to find out what motivates your shoppers. But it’s important for all of us to remember that Big Data isn’t an end in and of itself.

dunnhumby's Dawn Shirley to speak at Industry Coupon Conference on April 24th


Dawn Shirley, VP of Communications & Media at dunnhumbyUSA, will speak at the Industry Coupon Conference in New Orleans on "Multichannel Personalization At Scale: Building Incremental Value with Relevance."

CEOs Welcome Chief Digital Officers to the C-Suite


More CEOs are planning to hire chief digital officers to build online products that help grow their businesses, according to a recent survey.

dunnhumby Site: 60K cubic yards gone, 50K more to go


Construction workers are digging into their work on downtown Cincinnati’s newest development, dunnhumby Centre, future headquarters for one of the fastest-growing businesses in the region.

Executive Take on Big Data, Customer Engagement Issues Facing Brands Today


Milen Mahadevan, SVP Client Solutions for international marketing consultancy dunnhumby, holds strong opinions about a variety of topics impacting customer engagement and loyalty programs. Mahadevan offered his views to Loyalty 360 on many critical issues facing brands today.

Raley’s Unconventional Take on Shopper Loyalty


Raley’s was already worthy of retailer envy because of its affiliation with the prestigious marketing firm dunnhumbyUSA for a loyalty program.

dunnhumby Promotes 6 to VP


DunnhumbyUSA has promoted six of its executives to Vice President: Sean Hannon, Brian Higdon and Dawn Valandingham, Client Leadership; Megan Moglia and Susan Visconte, Client Solutions; and Dawn Shirley, Communications and Media.

Raley's Launches Consumer Advocacy Community

28 March 2013 — THE WISE MARKETER

Raley's Family of Fine Stores, a privately held supermarket chain with a presence in Northern California and Nevada, has partnered with BzzAgent, the social marketing arm of dunnhumby, to develop a grocery retailer advocacy online platform.

Thought Leadership in Loyalty: Interview with Raley's and dunnhumby [PODCAST]

27 March 2013 — LOYALTY 360

In this interview, Mark Johnson, Loyalty 360 CEO & CMO asks Loyalty Expo speakers, Tom Hutchison, Raley's and Bryan Baeker, dunnhumbyUSA to address the latest challenges and opportunities in loyalty.

Loyalty 360 Showcases dunnhumby's Milen Mahadevan as Featured Columnist

26 March 2013 — LOYALTY 360

The Loyalty Marketer's Association has announced a list of Featured Columnists who will regularly contribute compelling thought leadership articles for Loyalty 360 and Loyalty Management magazine.

Raley's Encourages Online Consumer Advocacy

18 March 2013 — SUPERMARKET NEWS

Raley’s here has partnered with Boston-based BzzAgent, the social marketing arm of dunnhumby, to develop what the chain calls the first online advocacy platform aimed at enhancing a grocery retailer’s new loyalty program.

dunnhumby Names Former Arbitron Executive to Lead Media Partnerships Globally

18 March 2013

Newly Created Position Poises Company for Expansion of Cross Channel Media Solutions

Raley's Grocery Chain Adds Social to the Loyalty Recipe


Loyalty programs can seem like the ultimate win-win situation for marketers and customers. While marketers obtain more customer data to enhance offers and targeting, customers redeem rewards for being faithful patrons. Adding social and content to loyalty programs can up the ante by driving advocacy, engagement, and reach.

dunnhumby Hires Lung Huang as VP of Digital Advertising, Global Partnerships


Lung Huang, 36, joined dunnhumby as Vice President of Digital Advertising, Global Partnerships. He was formerly Vice President, National Accounts Division at Arbitron Inc.

Please Track Me?

11 March 2013 — ADEXCHANGER

Fundamentally, people prefer to be treated personally. We like to be called by name at our favorite restaurant. A resort hotel’s excellence often is defined by the way it recalls the preferences of its repeat guests. How much better is it to return to that Starbucks barista who remembers how we take our coffee? But when businesses take that personal approach online, consumers often feel uneasy because they don’t understand the ways in which their data is being collected and used.

Volunteers Beautify Downtown

11 March 2013 — UC MAGAZINE

What could have been just another construction fence in Downtown Cincinnati is now a work of art thanks to Impact UC, a student group in the Lindner College of Business.

Forget ‘Showrooming’: Enter The Age Of Augmented Retailing


Watch Jeff Headley’s discussion on the panel “Forget ‘Showrooming’: Enter The Age Of Augmented Retailing” at the OMMA Mobile Insider Summit.

dunnhumby's Matt Nitzberg to speak at the Shopper Marketing Summit in Chicago April 9th


Matt Nitzberg will discuss the ultimate digital personalization strategy using case studies from across the digital spectrum including online advertising, social media and email. Join Matt for his session, "It's Digital, But Is It Personal?" on April 9th.

Social Media Listening Pulls Direct Opinion, Focus Groups Get Personal

7 March 2013 — SEARCHCRM

Thanks to social media, organizations can gather volumes of information about consumers. Social media listening has, by many measures, replaced focus groups and phone surveys. But those old-school approaches still have a role to play, according to marketers and industry observers.

Encouraging Influential Shoppers To Share Sparks Sales For Tesco


When Tesco Plc last year launched its “Easy Home Bake” line of ready-to-bake cookies and cakes, the U.K.-based retailer wasn’t sure its customers would understand the concept of buying a pack of refrigerated dough that the consumer just has to cut and bake. “While it’s a familiar concept in the United States, there wasn’t anything else like it in the U.K.,” says Paul Duszynski, the retailer’s dairy customer manager.

Wise Marketer Loyalty Guide – Case Study


dunnhumby and Tesco case study published in “The Loyalty Guide 5″ by Wise Research. The full report can be purchased at

Many CIOs Mismanage Innovation


Yael Cosset, global CIO of retail data analysis company dunnhumby Ltd., will soon launch an improved system for assessing information from retail loyalty programs. Mr. Cosset told CIO Journal in an interview Friday that the goal of this program is to generate insight into which products are most appealing to certain demographic groups.

Art Project To Beautify dunnhumby Centre Construction Site

22 February 2013 — WCPO

By Saturday evening, the construction fencing at Fifth and Race streets downtown should look a whole lot nicer. That’s because a team of more than 100 volunteers will spend the day Saturday weaving strips of recycled industrial bags into a colorful pattern on the chain link fence that surrounds the dunnhumby Centre construction site.

dunnhumby's Jeff Headley to speak at OMMA Mobile Insider Summit February 15th


Jeff Headley, SVP of Global Personalization at dunnhumby, will join a panel of digital marketing experts at MediaPost's OMMA Mobile Insider Summit on Friday, February 15th. Jeff will discuss "Forget Showrooming: Enter the Age of Augmented Retailing".

Identifying and Targeting Your Most Valuable Shoppers


dunnhumbyUSA's Matt Nitzberg cites three necessary components to identifying a retailer's or brand's most valuable shoppers.

Loyalty Begets Loyalty: Canadian grocer Metro fosters customer-centric culture with strategic partnership

5 February 2013 — STORES

Ask a dozen retailers for their definition of customer centricity and you’re likely to receive nearly as many answers. Ask top executives at leading Canadian grocery chain Metro, and their answer will be multi-faceted, imbued with data and supported by more statistics than most others even measure.

dunnhumby to occupy lot at Fifth and Race streets

5 February 2013 — SOAPBOX CINCINNATI

The property at Fifth and Race streets has seen its fair share of change in the past 14 years. Plans for a Nordstrom, a skyscraper, even condos came and went. The parking lot stayed. But by December 2014, the new dunnhumby Centre will occupy the space.

Fifth and Race Awakes With dunnhumby Centre Groundbreaking


Hundreds braved the cold yesterday morning to see ground broken on the underutilized space at Fifth and Race streets, soon to be home to the $122 million dunnhumby Centre.

dunnhumbyUSA has a plan for ups and downs

1 February 2013 — BUSINESS COURIER

dunnhumbyUSA is designing its nine-story, $122 million downtown Cincinnati headquarters with possible future expansion in mind. But not in the manner – or direction – you might expect.

dunnhumby Centre Fills Hole in Heart of City


For 14 years, the prime piece of Downtown real estate at Fifth and Race streets stood vacant, the victim of bad timing, politics and a changing economy. Thursday, all that changed with the first symbolic shovel of dirt dug for the future headquarters of dunnhumbyUSA, one of the fastest-growing businesses in the region.

Construction starts on dunnhumbyUSA's $122M Ohio headquarters


Construction began Thursday on a consumer-data company's new $122 million headquarters in the heart of downtown Cincinnati, a development being touted for deepening the city's ongoing transformation from a declining Rust Belt dinosaur to a region pulsing with new development and revitalization.

dunnhumby: A symbol of Downtown Cincinnati's renaissance


By the end of next year, the headquarters of dunnhumby­USA should be completed, a nine-story corporate office with street-level restaurants and retail, and underground parking.

Metro Personalizing All Shopper Interactions

1 February 2013 — SUPERMARKET NEWS

Metro Inc. here, in partnership with dunnhumby Canada, is collecting a range of loyalty and digital data that is employed to “personalize every interaction we can with customers,” said Marc Giroux, chief marketing and communications officer, Metro, in a presentation at the National Retail Federation’s Annual Conference in mid-January.

dunnhumby Centre could draw more corporations to downtown Cincinnati

31 January 2013 — WCPO

dunnhumbyUSA’s new downtown Cincinnati headquarters will reach the equivalent of almost 14 stories high, cost $122 million to build and will be dubbed dunnhumby Centre once it’s completed in late 2014.

Hundreds brave cold for dunnhumbyUSA's groundbreaking: SLIDESHOW

31 January 2013 — BUSINESS COURIER

Hundreds of shivering people braved the bitter cold today watch the dunnhumbyUSA headquarters project get under way.

New $100M dunnhumbyUSA headquarters expected to spur other downtown development

31 January 2013 — WCPO CHANNEL 9

The new $100 million dunnhumbyUSA headquarters project could be just what downtown Cincinnati needs to spur a long-awaited revitalization of Race Street.

How dunnhumbyUSA remains active in Cincinnati through helping hands

25 January 2013 — SMART BUSINESS

Stuart Aitken, CEO of dunnhumbyUSA, leads by example to encourage employee volunteerism and donation efforts toward local nonprofit organizations.

dunnhumbyUSA CEO Named One of the Most Influential Leaders in Greater Cincinnati

24 January 2013 — CINCY MAGAZINE

As the leader of one of downtown's fastest growing employers, the native of Scotland is making a big impression. Construction of the marketing and customer-focus firm's new offices at high-profile Fifth and Race streets is getting under way. And Aitken, son of a working-class single mom, has embraced a number of local causes from getting corporate support for the Freestore Foodbank's Power Pack Program for schools to serving on the board of the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra.

Forrester Research: Embed The Customer Life Cycle Across Marketing

24 January 2013 — FORRESTER RESEARCH

Forrester Research’s report on customer lifecycle management shows how dunhumby’s practice of putting the customer first is able to anticipate a customer’s future needs so marketing communications are far more effective.

The New Face of Shopper Loyalty [PDF]


In order to dig into some of the various factors that drive shopper loyalty, Perishables Buyer spoke with Saundra Linn, senior vice president, client leadership at dunnhumbyUSA. See page 8 for interview.

Are Retailers Making It All About Their Customers?

24 January 2013 — RETAILWIRE

Loyalty is one of those words that is tossed about in retail. It is also a rare achievement in the business, so when it appears as though a merchant has figured it out, people tend to take notice.

dunnhumby's Greg Corso to speak at OMMA DDM in New York


Greg Corso, VP of Media Solutions at dunnhumby, will join a panel of digital and media industry experts at MediaPost's OMMA Data-Driven Marketing Conference on Wednesday, January 23rd. Greg will be speaking on "The One True View: Leveraging Data to Embrace the Customer Experience"

dunnhumby's Matt Keylock named one of Ad Age's 40 under 40 in marketing

21 January 2013 — ADVERTISING AGE

Ad Age honors the innovative, young marketing leaders who have made their mark in the client, agency and media realms -- all before their 40th birthdays.

Download our latest eBook: Putting the Person in Personalization

19 January 2013 — DUNNHUMBY INSIGHT

As consumers gain more control over what to share and which businesses they choose to engage with, it’s now more important than ever to deliver a relevant and consistent experience. Retailers need to evolve and adopt a different go-to-market strategy, one that focuses on delivering to the individual. We call that personalization.

Life at BzzAgent: Higher Headcount, Same Startup Attitude

17 January 2013 — BOSTINNO

Word-of-mouth social marketing company BzzAgent remembers their humble beginnings in 2001, “as a handful of ambitious nerds in a cramped office.” Yet, after being acquired by dunnhumby for $60 million back in 2011, they quickly grew and changes were naturally made–with the exception of one critical key.

How Canadian grocer Metro caters to brand loyal customers

16 January 2013 — RETAIL'S BIG BLOG

To build and retain a loyal following, Metro, Inc., a leading Canadian grocery chain operating 830 retail locations across Ontario and Quebec, makes customer-centricity its mantra. The company, leveraging customer insights of its joint-venture partner dunnhumby, launched a customer-centric strategy that goes beyond a marketing campaign and into the fabric of the organization.

McKeever's Price Chopper Supermarkets Selects PriceStrat for Price and Promotions Optimization

15 January 2013

CINCINNATI, OH – January 15, 2013– KSS Retail from dunnhumby, today announced an agreement with McKeever Enterprises, Inc., owner and operator of nine Price Chopper supermarket locations in Kansas City, Missouri, to provide price and promotion optimization services through its proprietary PriceStrat analytical tool and consulting services.

A hunger for helping


Call it the $6,400 challenge. Stuart Aitken, dunnhumbyUSA’s chief executive officer, is asking his fellow executives to find that relatively modest sum of money, donate it to the Freestore Foodbank’s Power Pack program, and keep thousands of children from wondering where they’ll get their next meal.