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Big Data, Big Opportunities

14 December 2015

A Majority of Millennials will be Hosting Thanksgiving Dinner as They Bring Their Own Digital Spin to the Holiday, Finds New Report

18 November 2015

2 out of 10 Americans aged 25 to 34 plan on buying Thanksgiving groceries with a food delivery app while nearly half plan on finding this year’s recipes on social media, according to new survey report

dunnhumby Rebrands KSS Retail, Launches Broader Price and Promotion Services and Software Offering Built Around Customer Insights

21 October 2015


New dunnhumby Price and Promotion Brand Marks Extension of Company’s Unique Customer Strategy, Science, Research and Technology Capabilities to More Retailers Globally

Leveraging the Store

8 October 2015

Sonae Retail Selects dunnhumby To Extend Price Optimization To New Formats And Regions

9 September 2015

PriceStrat Solution Proven to Help Portugal's Largest Retailer Maintain a Competitive Price Strategy and Promote Customer Loyalty

dunnhumby leaps into healthcare

12 August 2015 — Cincinnati Business Courier

Corrida nas gôndolas

6 August 2015

dunnhumby research tool adds a different lens to brand tracking

4 August 2015

Coca-Cola and Arla see benefits for brand tracking with new Brand Position report from dunnhumby and Toluna

LONDON – 03 August 2015 – Leading customer science company dunnhumby has today officially released a new addition to its market research product dunnhumby BAR®, which now enables brands to measure themselves against their competitors based on chosen brand attributes.

dunnhumby Brings Customer Science to the Healthcare Industry to Improve Patient Experiences and Loyalty

20 July 2015

Customer Science Pioneer Launches Health Offering for Healthcare Providers and Insurance Companies

dunnhumby Restructures Relationship with Kroger in the US

27 April 2015

dunnhumby, the leading customer science company, has opened the way to work with other North American retailers and FMCG clients following a restructuring of its relationship with The Kroger Co (“Kroger”).

dunnhumby and Kroger will replace the existing exclusive joint venture with more flexible long-term license and service agreements.

North America represents a highly attractive market and significant opportunity for dunnhumby to market its customer science and data-driven insight and media products to retailers, consumer brands and media partners.

dunnhumby Ltd. and Kroger Announce New Relationship

27 April 2015

CINCINNATI, April 27, 2015 – dunnhumbyUSA joint venture partners dunnhumby Ltd and The Kroger Co. (NYSE: KR) today announced a new chapter in their successful alliance that will provide greater flexibility for both parties to use data to create substantial opportunities for innovation and growth. Under the new arrangements dunnhumby Ltd and Kroger will replace their existing exclusive joint venture with a new long-term license and service agreement and the acquisition of certain assets from dunnhumbyUSA by Kroger.

One giant leap: how connecting data is changing the ad industry

21 April 2015 — The Guardian

Adam Smith, Head of Media Strategy, looks at the how the ad industry is changing - thanks to the leap to connected data. This is the ability to connect household-level media exposure data, for instance TV viewing, directly to consumer behavior such as in-store purchases securely, anonymously and at scale. This connects what people see and hear over time, directly to what they do. 

Engaging Customers on Their Terms

16 April 2015 — Indian Retailer

For better shopping experiences, dunnhumby provides a data-driven approach to retailers rewarding them with customer loyalty, states Dr. Anthony Kilili, Capability Director, Communications & Media of dunnhumby India. 

Marketers Need Insights Artists, Not Data Scientists

15 April 2015 — AdExchanger

Justin Petty, Vice President Media Partnerships at dunnhumby, explains that the term data scientist should be changed to insights artists. Insights artists must understand the business needs and what exactly needs to be solved. They need to see the whole picture from the data, business application and - most importantly - customer perspectives.

GNC tailors mail marketing to customers' purchase habits, demographics

4 April 2015 — Pittsburgh Tribune - Review

GNC has been working with dunnhumby to build loyalty with their target customers via direct mailings. dunnhumby Senior Vice President, Consumer Marketers, Peter Miles-Prouten explains the process as "like a snowflake. No one got the same communication."

Building Customer Loyalty

27 March 2015 — Oracle Magazine

Customer science leader dunnhumby speeds processing and increases business insights with Oracle Exadata Database Machine and Oracle Big Data Appliance, which allows dunnhumby to focus deeper on the science of what they do rather than on the data manipulations. 


Three business models disrupting retail

24 March 2015 — CNBC

Five years ago "flash sale" start-ups introduced a new business model into the retail ecosystem. Led by Gilt Group, Rue La La and others, these companies played to consumers growing tendancy and desire to impulse buy, changing the way millions of consumers shop on a daily basis. However, many failed to build long-term loyalty from their user base.

Organizational Engagement - It's For The Customer

24 March 2015 — MediaPost Marketing Daily

Emilie Kroner, Head of Customer Strategy and Change Management, presents the opportunity for stores and organizations to bring the power of personalization to the people. In the age of customer data, leaders needs to change their company's structure and organization to ensure teams are able to deliver to the customer and ensure that a culture is created that empowers, rewards and provides teams with opportunities to learn and grow - with the customer in mind. 

Data: The Key To Seamless Marketing In A Multichannel World

18 March 2015 — AdExchanger

Today's consumers expect to be understood and spoken to as individuals. They want relevant content and offers. They expect to be engaged through their preferred channels at the right times, but with respectful frequency. Sociomantic Lab's North American President, JB Brokaw, explains how marketers must connect to prospects and customers in more meaningful ways than ever before.

UC gets big assist from dunnhumby on cancer research

17 March 2015 — Cincinnati Business Courier

dunnhumby recently crunched numbers for UC Health in a project that could help cancer patients decide on treatment. 

10 of the most influential names on the UK's big data scene

11 March 2015 — Computer World

Simon Hay, dunnhumby CEO, featured as one of the top 10 most influential people in UK data-driven business. 

Expert Column: How Multichannel Shopping is Changing the Grocery Industry

4 March 2015 — Progressive Grocer

Julian Highley, Global Capability Director and Head of Global Trends, writes for Progressive Grocer regarding dunnhumby's recent research which has found that the online channel is going to have a profound effect on grocery brands and retailers, with 50% of sales in key categories being sold online before 2023. 

#ShareACoke and the Personalized Brand Experience

3 March 2015 — AMA's Marketing Insights

Brands and retailers have an expansive trove of data to create simpler and more relevant shopping experiences for customers. Jessie Deye, Associate Director of Brand Consulting, explains how Coca-Cola's #ShareACoke campaign fused the appeal of personalization with the accessibility, value and expansiveness of social media. 

dunnhumby’s Boston office moving out from the shadow of BzzAgent with new marketing technology

2 March 2015 — BetaBoston

BetaBoston visits with Chip Terry, Boston's Senior Vice President of Engineering and Global Product Director, to learn more about how the Boston start-up BzzAgent is working with global marketing and advertising company, dunnhumby. dunnhumby is centralizing its advertising media technology operations around the BuzzAgent's data-driven marketing work in Boston, making the South End office its development center. 

Programs Worth Launching

1 March 2015 — Loyalty360

58% of consumers in the U.S. who belong to loyalty programs are actually inactive members, literally ghosts that thought it was a good idea at one time to join and soon fell out of love with the idea or the brand or both. That said, there will be an estimated 26% increase in the number of loyalty program members in the U.S. alone in 2015, rising from an already staggering 2.6 billion to 3.3 billion.

Strategic Insights

27 February 2015 — AMA's Marketing Insights

Digital strategy - and the wealth of data and customer insights that result - must be the cornerstone of any successful company's go-to-market strategy. Customers are no longer limiting interactions with a brand or company solely through the traditional forms of media, explains Joy Armitage, dunnhumby's social media and innovation coordinator. 


GNC Holdings, Inc. to present at the Bank of America Merrill Lynch 2015 Consumer & Retail Conference

24 February 2015 — CNN Money

GNC's CEO Michael Archbold and dunnhumby Senior Vice President Peter Miles-Prouten, will be co-presenting at the Bank of America Merrill Lynch 2015 Consumer & Retail Conference on March 3, 2015 at the New York Palace hotel. 

After a Crisis Forces Introspection, Cincinnati’s Downtown Finds a Path Forward

24 February 2015 — The New York Times

A rapidly growing sector for consumer research, coupled with boom in construction and redevelopment, is renewing interest in Cincinnati's downtown. With a special focus on dunnhumbyUSA and its new headquarters currently under its last months of construction, Stuart Aitken dunnhumbyUSA's chief executive, explains the company's incredible growth and calling Cincinnati home. "We see applications for our work across so many industries. Big data really has no barriers. We have 35 or 40 job openings right now we are trying to fill. We couldn't be in a better place than in this city."

How Online Opportunities Vary By Category

24 February 2015 — Retail Leader

Looking at factors including purchase patterns, paths to purchase and degrees of loyalty for a variety of products, dunnhumby's latest study - The Multichannel Movement: How the Rise of Multichannel Grocery Shopping is Changing the Way Consumers Buy," explores online grocery's high potential for growth. The report takes a look at markets around the world, including the U.S. where the country has well-developed Internet usage and penetration, online grocery is underdeveloped. 


Will Online Grocery Shopping Lead to Customer Engagement in the U.S.?

23 February 2015 — Loyalty360

Despite the fact that multichannel grocery shopping is surging across the globe, the U.S. lags far behind in this category, according to dunnhumby's global study. The convenience of "click and deliver" grocery services is now entering the market in New York City, Chicago and Los Angeles, but the online grocery market in the U.S. is far behing markets such as France, South Korea and the UK. 

Multi-channel shopping receives baby boom, new dunnhumby research shows

20 February 2015 — Retail Times

Multi-channel grocery shopping is surging across the globe, with the birth of a new child being one of the main drivers of an increased propensity to buy, according to a major new study by dunnhumby, which analysed the shopping habits of seven million people across 14 countries. 


19 February 2015 — PYMNTS

Globally, growth has been strong in multi-channel grocery shopping. According to the report, emerging and 'nascent' markets saw usage grow by 97% and 89% respectively, while developed markets grew by 30% year over year. Most of that growth has been concentrated in goods like frozen meat, baby food and baby care products, which on average grew by 21%, suggesting that households with newborn kids are a key demographic for online shopping. 

dunnhumby Releases Global Findings on Multichannel Shopping Growth

18 February 2015

As U.S. Retailers Experiment With Online Grocery Shopping, Learnings from Other Developed Markets Will Be Key in Furthering the Channel

Report sees growth in multichannel grocery shopping

18 February 2015 — Retail Customer Experience

"Across the globe, there's a marked increase in multichannel grocery shopping, particularly among time and sleep starved parents who benefit most from being able to shop any time, without leaving home. Baby food and baby care products not only appeaer in the top three categories, but these are clearly important gateway products for new online shoppers," reports Julian Highley, Global Director of Customer Knowledge. 

Supermarkets enjoy multichannel growth driven by young families

18 February 2015 — Retail Week

The grocery sector is beginning to see significant growth in customers engaging with stores across offline and online channels. Frozen meat, baby food and care, and canned food have the highest share of online sales, according to a survey of seven million people across 14 countires. 

Emerging markets drive global multichannel grocery growth

18 February 2015 — Chain Store Age

Multichannel grocery shopping is surging across the globe, with the birth of a new child being a primary driver of an increased propensity to buy online. Emerging and nascent markets are seeing the most growth with 97% and 89% year-on-year, respectively. 

Today’s Path To Purchase: A Tricky, Meandering Road

16 February 2015 — AdExchanger

Rachael Hadaway, Vice President, Client Services, addresses how consumers are actively curating their own shopping journey. They expect brands to use all data at their disposal to personalize every interaction; as such, delivering the right messages at the right time is more important - and difficult - than ever before. 

dunnhumby India Managing Director wins Retail Leadership Award

13 February 2015

Mumbai, 13 February, 2015 — dunnhumby India Managing Director, Dr. Rex Davis has received the Retail Leadership Award at the Asia Retail Congress 2015. The Asia Retail Congress is Asia’s single most important global platform to promote world-class retail practices. The focus of the two day Congress was to discuss and influence the issues for change.

Twitter and Google reach deal to add tweets to search results

5 February 2015 — Mobile Marketing Magazine

Joy Armitage, Social Media & Innovation Director speaks to Mobile Marketing about the Twitter-Google partnership and its implications for advertisers:

Twitter has reached an agreement with Google to make its users’ updates more easily searchable, with tweets reappearing in Google’s search results within the first half of this year after a four year absence.

Using Consumer Insights to Buffer New Product Launches

4 February 2015 — AMA's Marketing Insights

Rebecca Hohe, Associate Director, explains how to keep the enthusiasm and awareness for a new product last beyond the launch phase. 

Why dunnhumbyUSA killed desk phones at its new HQ

2 February 2015 — Cincinnati Business Courier

dunnhumbyUSA is eliminating traditional desk phones at their new Cincinnati HQ which will open this spring. Employees will instead use headsets connceted to laptops for calls.


Marketing taking control of IT's tech budget? - B2B Marketing

2 February 2015

Marketing is seeking control of the tech budget, but will they succeed in getting it? Maxine-Laurie Marshall investigates

PayPal And Dunnhumby Put $1.2m Into Pulsate, A Location Marketing Startup

1 February 2015 — TechCrunch

dunnhumby's investment arm, dunnhumby Ventures joined PayPal as part of a $1.2M investment for Pulsate, a startup with a platform to deliver content for brands based on a user's location and preferences. 


An App a Day!

1 February 2015 — Indian Retailer

Nishat Mehta, Executive Vice President, Global Partnerships explains how brick-and-mortar retailers can better collect data analogues of the online behavior eCommerce retailers track. In-store technologies such as cameras, wifi and beacons, alongside users' mobile devices, will help retailers significantly improve assortment, merchandising and space planning.

5 ways to chalk out a career path - Economic Times

31 January 2015

dunnhumby India's Head of HR, Puja Kapoor speaks to Anumeha Chaturvedi at Econmonic Times 

Opening doors in grocery stores

23 January 2015 — Food Business News

dunnhumby's recent Food Trends study found that a third of consumers first spot a trending food or flavor on the shelves at mainstream grocery stores. This compared with 8% of consumers who stated a restaurant was the source of initial trial. Anna Saffer, Director of New Product Development, says "this gives retailers the opportunity to capitalize on these trends early and use that as an opportunity to connect with consumers."


Customer-Centricity Is Mandatory for 2015

20 January 2015 — Huff Post Business

dunnhumby's Food Service Customer Centricity Index report, finding that "experience matters as much as the food," was featured as an example of why putting customers at the center of every strategy and business process is essentiatl for acquisition, retention and competitive differentiation in 2015.

This is Cincinnati's first public garage with electric charging stations

16 January 2015 — Cincinnati Business Courier

Six spaces in the 1,000-spot dunnhumby Centre Garage are now reserved for electric cars. This is the first public garage in downtown Cincinnati to have electric vehicle charging stations. 

dunnhumby: Fermented Small-Batch Among 2015's Biggest Food Trends

15 January 2015 — MediaPost Marketing Daily

In the year ahead, consumer preference and purchases will be influencd more than ever by specifics relating to how food is produced and packaged. 

Earned Media Earns Its Rightful, Beautiful Place

15 January 2015 — GCI Magazine

Vice President of Client Solutions, Candace Lee, helps businesses plan for earned media. She suggests that closely observing how consumers travel along the pah to purchase, with a specific focus on what role peer influence plays along that journey is important. Brand and media tems also need to work with the customer relationship management (CRM) programs to understand segmentation and the impact those segments can have on informing earned media strategy and investment choices. 

NRF 2015: A VISION dunnhumby

15 January 2015 — Revista Publicittá

Adriano Araujo, CEO of dunnhumby Brazil, presented customer focused business strategies and examples at The NRF BIG SHOW 2015. Joined with Edson Kawabata, Director of Strategy at Grupo Pao de Acucar (GPA) the two detailed the creation of the Club Extra program, highlighting the importance of putting the customer at the center of decisions on price and promotions, assortment, and personalized communications. 

dunnhumby Research Details Consumer Food Preferences

14 January 2015 — Convenience Store Decisions

Our data-driven science study aimed at informing the consumer packaged goods industry and revealing and predicting the future needs of consumers, has just relaeased findings on consumers food preferences. The report analyzes emerging trends, as well as verifies the validity and accuracy of the 2014 findings.

The Newest Asset Class: Data

9 January 2015 — AdExchanger

Nishat Mehta, Executive Vice President of Global Partnerships, presents an argument for the creation of a financial market for data. Such a system will allow customers to put a price on their data and determine if that price is worth the benefits, helping customers maintain control over where they choose to monetize their data. 


KSS Retail Introduces Groundbreaking Additions to Pricing and Promotions Software Suite

8 January 2015

New Solutions Unveiled at NRF Conference Provide Faster, Easier Access to Customer Insights and KPIs, Enabling Smart Decision Making and Improved Performance

A New Year’s Resolution: Implementing True Customer-Centricity

1 January 2015 — Loyalty360

Emilie Kroner, Director of Organization Enagagement, explains a key theme that every retailer and business leader can use as a building block for success in 2015: customer centricity.