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Customer-first Pricing and Promotion

Delivering prices and promotions that are meaningful to your customers
Price and promotion are two of the most important levers a retailer can pull. But doing them right isn’t easy: competition is fierce as discounters and pure online retailers grow, and price transparency is greater than ever. To build loyalty, it’s crucial to strengthen customer price perception without reducing prices so low that you limit financial growth — or worse.

But where to start? Do you know if your pricing rules or promotions are working? Where should you chase the competition? Is your focus on week-to-week results rather than long-term success? Despite what’s on the line, many retailers are still approaching complex price and promotion questions like these with gut feelings rather than data and science.

dunnhumby can help. Our strategic process, proprietary insights, engagement approach and cutting-edge software remove the guesswork from pricing and promotions to create sustained pricing power for retailers. Pricing power that grows customer loyalty and long-term profit.

Whatever your organisation’s price and promotion performance, from strategy to execution, we can help you avoid the race to the bottom and deliver prices and promotions that are meaningful to your customers. After all, it’s your customers – not your products – that matter most.

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Our unique approach to Price and Promotion

We’re not like the other pricing people. Our expert consultants know what it takes to get your price and promotions performance to the next level, and our powerful software can help you make quick, strategic decisions along the way.

The dunnhumby difference

Customers as people, first

We believe customers should be treated as individuals, not data points. We’ll help you bring the human dimension to your pricing strategy to show customers you can deliver the prices and promotions they value better than the competition.

We know what customers want

We can identify which regular prices and trade promotions engage each customer most, while providing the insights needed to invest more efficiently and strategically against the competition.

No problem we haven’t solved

From strategy and benchmarking to execution and evaluation, from day-to-day issues to long-term challenges, our team offers decades of retail pricing experience.

Better decisions through technology

Our industry-leading optimisation and analytics solutions are proven and built to support even the world’s largest retailers. Make quick, customer-centric decisions based on the best in demand science.

Big Data ready

While others talk about customer-centric data, we deliver: our tools are built around behavioural data from nearly one billion customers. We can scale to meet your needs, too.

A passion for personalisation

With expertise in designing, developing, leading and measuring dynamic pricing programs, we can help personalise your price investments at a customer level.

Partnering for success

We work with you side-by-side to help you feel confident and in control. We don’t just present and leave – we partner to help you win now and in the future.

Price and Promotion Leadership

The dunnhumby practice leadership team knows price and promotion inside and out, with specialised expertise earned over decades. Get to know some of the people leading our innovation strategy and client engagements.

Meet our experts

Howard Langer

Managing Director

As head of the Price and Promotion global capability at dunnhumby, Howard oversees strategic and product direction, leveraging experience working with some of the largest retailers in Europe, Asia and the Americas. A former retailer, Howard has spent much of his career delivering price and promotions programs from senior merchandising and marketing roles in the UK, while at the Kingfisher Group, one of the largest retail groups in Europe. Howard is the founder and chair of the Retail Pricing Forum, a UK-based group dedicated to helping retailers improve their price and promotions capabilities. He is a visiting lecturer at both the University of Southampton and Warwick Business School in the UK.

Sean Dangler

Executive Vice President

Sean is accountable for expanding the business and building the total value proposition available to dunnhumby retail and CPG clients and partners across Price and Promotion strategy, software and consulting methodologies. He has more than 20 years of experience in the software industry including the past 15+ years with KSS Retail and dunnhumby. He has held various global positions including VP of Professional Services, VP of Solution Engineering and VP of Strategic Implementations, looking after commercial and strategic relationships with dunnhumby’s largest retailers.

Ted Eichten

Vice President, Professional Services and Customer Care

Ted is responsible for best practices, training and software implementation for all technology clients. He oversees the team of PriceStrat and Retail Heartbeat consultants who assist retailers with discovery and strategy, training and change management, among other services. Prior to joining the team, Ted led consulting practices at several retail technology firms. In addition, he spent time working in the Pricing Strategy group of a major consulting firm.

Jonah Ellin

Global Product Director

Jonah is responsible for making the product strategy for dunnhumby’s Price and Promotion software and tools come to life and ensuring it is closely aligned with customer needs and requirements. He leads a dynamic product development team executing on that strategic vision to support ongoing innovation. Jonah has decades of experience in product and program management and has led numerous process-improvement initiatives. He has also provided management consulting services focused on product strategy for large technology firms.

Graham Sparrow

Head of Price and Promotion Science

Graham leads the global science team for Price and Promotion at dunnhumby and has more than 14 years of experience working with our pricing clients. He is responsible for research and development of the scientific components of dunnhumby’s optimisation and analytics software solutions, including PriceStrat and Retail Heartbeat. His interests lie in the areas of statistical methods for demand modeling, efficient software design and price optimisation. He is a graduate in Electrical and Information Systems from University of Cambridge in the UK, and holds a Masters of Science in Machine Learning from University of Manchester.

Select Clients

The dunnhumby Price and Promotion team grows loyalty and profit for a variety of retailers, from the world's largest – representing more than $20 billion in annual sales – to smaller chains across the globe.

Partnering for pricing success

To further innovation, provide localised support, and complement our offerings in price and promotion, we have developed partnerships with these select organisations.

Research and science partners

dunnhumby supports a doctoral research unit at Oxford University within the Maths department focusing on modelling in retail, including projects to improve the scientific methodology used in PriceStrat.

dunnhumby is collaborating with PhD students at the University College of London in statistics, psychology, computer science and business analytics.

dunnhumby advises and supports curricula development at the Business School at Imperial College of London, including coursework in marketing, operations management and business analytics. Professors are engaged in PriceStrat-focused research to improve business performance.

Consulting and integration partners

Based in Riga, Latvia, CSolutions provides organisations in the Baltic region with technology and consulting services.

Based in Moscow, Russia, SGS Project provides organisations in the Russian Federation with advanced enterprise IT solutions and products, including retail price optimisation.

Based in Athens, Greece, Forecast provides price and promotion optimisation consulting services to large retail companies throughout the Balkan region.

Technology partners

dunnhumby has partnered with Aptaris to combine our unique customer science and forecasting abilities into an integrated solution for retail promotions planning and management. Learn more.

dunnhumby’s price optimisation solutions leverage the .NET platform and SQL Server database. dunnhumby is Microsoft’s preferred partner for retail price optimisation.

Price and Promotion News

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Globally, 59% of promotions are ineffective, in the US, it’s 71%[1]. [More]

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