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Price and Promotion

Close the loop with price and promotions business intelligence

Plan. Do. Review. It’s essential to close the loop on your pricing and promotions programs with effective review and analysis. Failing to learn from your mistakes can have dire consequences in the retail market where margins are slim.

If you don’t have effective business intelligence scorecards that tell you if your pricing and promotional tactics are working as expected, you can’t move quickly to improve or reverse a negative trend. Visibility is key to repeat and extend your successes across the organisation, and replace your poor performing campaigns with better ones, fast.

Yet 71% of retailers say they have basic or almost no analytics capability, according to EKN Research. Different departments use different data, and category managers spend hours trying to pull data and format manual reports, with insights often coming too late to change course.

Can dunnhumby analytics software and services improve your business?

  • How easy is it for the organisation as a whole to understand what made a “good” or “bad” promotion? Which customers are responding to your offers?
  • How accurate were your forecasts? Do you need to address store or SKU compliance or any other issues affecting your scenarios?
  • Can you easily compare your performance to that of your competition, at various levels, such as price zone, category or SKU?
  • Do executives have easy access to web-based summary dashboards that visually show trends and patterns?
  • Can you share accurate results with suppliers? Do you have information available to foster positive collaboration and provide input to negotiations?

dunnhumby offers sophisticated analytics tools designed specifically to support the workflow of retail merchandising and category management teams. These solutions show you not only what happened, but also what you should do to jump-start further growth, all with a single view of the truth. We’ll help you speed the decision making process and shine a spotlight on growth opportunities, while helping mitigate costly risks.


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