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Optimise your price and promotions decisions

Even with the best plans, you need modern operational tools and technology to simulate and optimise pricing and promotional scenarios before execution. Translating strategy and plans into real prices is no easy task, especially with millions of store and product SKU combinations.

Merchants must enforce highly complex pricing rules, manage numerous levels of price zones and ad groups, and deal with constant cost changes, all while making sure prices make sense to customers in an ever-changing promotional environment. What’s more, you need to be able to confidently forecast and understand the impact of your decisions on financial performance.

Can dunnhumby optimisation software and services improve your business?

  • Can you conduct interactive what-if analysis and compare scenarios in real-time?
  • Are you able to see price elasticities and cross-category effects? Can you easily see the impact of promotions on everyday pricing?
  • Do your models auto-update based on new cost and sales data, or take months to refresh?
  • Can you incorporate dynamic pricing to compete with online retailers? How easy is it to manage and automate pricing rules?
  • Does your system incorporate customer segmentations? Can you deliver personalised promotions and offers to customers?

dunnhumby provides industry-proven advanced optimisation and modelling solutions across the merchandising spectrum, including price, promotion, assortment and space. Built in partnership with some of the world’s largest CPG retailers, our innovative and intuitive tools unlock profit potential and enhance price perception — no spreadsheets necessary.

Pricing experts: Dedicated support by your side
Struggled with technology implementations before? Our methodologies are proven to succeed. Thanks to our depth of experience working with a diverse range of retailers large and small, our price consulting team can help you with change management and avoid pitfalls, enabling you to achieve ROI more quickly and cost effectively than what’s possible on your own.

Delivering personalised pricing and promotions
Beyond optimisation, dunnhumby can help you innovate and top your competition in the area of personalisation. It’s clear that customers want more relevant offers. We’re on the leading edge of this trend and can help you maximise conversion rates.


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PriceStrat is a pivotal tool for our category managers and buyers, giving us the visibility and control we need to maintain and fine-tune our pricing, so that we continue to win in our markets and on the products that matter most to our shoppers.

IT Commercial DirectorSonae

PriceStrat is really a strategic tool that helps our merchandising team optimize results at the category level across the company, providing us with a broad view of pricing decisions on the totality of our business.

VP of MerchandisingSpartanNash