dunnhumby Price and Promotion Strategy

Price and Promotion

Develop the right pricing strategy

Price optimisation technology and promotional tactics can’t succeed without the right strategy.

But what’s right? Many retailers struggle to connect their pricing policies with their brand value to shoppers, often pursuing a strategy driven by suppliers rather than their own objectives. And buyers and category managers can focus too much on short-term results, sacrificing margins in a rush to win shoppers with promotions and price-matching.

At dunnhumby, we believe a customer-led strategy provides the most solid foundation for success. When you don’t start with an understanding of your customers – like where they are price sensitive and where they aren’t – your profits leak, and it can be difficult to find the holes. When you focus on your competitors, you end up following instead of leading. We can help you flip your focus.

Can dunnhumby's strategic support improve your business?

  • Are you sure you’re headed in the right direction? One that ensures the lasting health and success of your business?
  • Do you know what your customers really want from you and the strategic options available?
  • Can your pricing strategy handle changing market conditions? New competition? Changing customer demographics?
  • Are your promotions tactical, or do they support your overall brand position?
  • How ready are you to compete from an omnichannel pricing perspective?

dunnhumby can help you gain a better view of the big picture, driving a more focused, forward-looking strategy. Armed with an analysis of your shoppers, competitive position and financial goals, we create a strategy that makes your value proposition clear to shoppers, building brand loyalty and customer price perception. We can also help you gain alignment among marketing, merchandising, category management, and other commercial operations, improving your use of people, methodology, and analytics tools across the enterprise.

Ultimately, we help retailers make better strategic choices and set their course for success.


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