At last, a complete picture of consumer emotions and behaviour

Our unique research services combine insights from the UK's largest connected research panel with data on the shopping habits of 17 million consumers. That means you can finally connect consumer attitudes and emotions with behaviours to better understand the people that matter to you, and take steps to make sure you matter to them too.


Our talk is big. So are our numbers.

With the shopping habits of 17 million people and over five million contactable consumers to call on, we can reach and talk to people who buy even the smallest brands.


Connect every single dot

Because we can tie up what consumers tell us with how they actually behave, we can give you a single, complete view of the things that matter to you. Our expert researchers will work closely with you to understand your objectives, taking a customised approach and drawing from a range of methodologies - including traditional research techniques and cutting-edge solutions - to help you reach the right people and get answers to your business questions. No confidence tricks here. Just plain old confidence.


We move faster than your market

Markets change swiftly. Competitors act with speed. And research is only useful if you have the findings in time. With no pre-screening required for most projects, we do things faster. Think of us as your unfair advantage.




  • The purchasing behaviours of 17 million consumers
  • The UK’s largest continuous research panel*
  • Advised 47 major FMCG companies (and counting)
  • Helped 130+ brands succeed in the last two years alone

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Our approach

Although every project is unique, these are some of the customised approaches we can take to help your business:

Just Some of Our Clients

The segmentation work was excellent and will really aid our category review thinking.

Cereal BuyerConnected Research client

Excellently run project from start to finish - the quality of the debrief was exceptional.

Research ManagerConnected Research client

Thoughtful and diligent in identifying the insights needs of the business... dunnhumby was able to drill down into our data and provide us with exceptional insights that led to key strategic decisions being taken with the brand.

Marketing ManagerConnected Research client


*When compared to Kantar Worldpanel, Nielsen Homescan, Kantar TGI and Nectar Canvass