Food Fresh Magazine

Food Fresh Magazine

12 January 2019

Retail media is growing in importance and will quickly become a core element of each retailer’s marketing strategy. Amazon’s first quarter of 2018 earnings report confirmed that its advertising business has driven its market dominance, as the area saw a 100% growth during that time. Data is fuelling this new media ecosystem and has become one of the most critical, and valuable, business assets for connecting online and in-store customer shopping experiences and behaviours, enabling organisations to drive sustainable growth.

Retail media presents an untapped opportunity to connect brands with consumers, create meaningful engagements and build longterm financial success. The Food Fresh Magazine highlights how we partner with retailers and brands, to drive value and profits through owned and paid media channels.

In this issue, you can also learn about other strategic dunnhumby capabilities – like Price & Promotions, for example – that have enabled many of the leading businesses to become champions for their customers. We hope you enjoy this issue.


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