Growing fashion & beauty retail sales with customer data science

Growing fashion & beauty retail sales with customer data science

3 August 2017

With much of the retail industry facing a downturn in sales, spurred by an ever-increasing array of choice for customers, it's hardly surprising many brick & mortar stores are fighting hard to increase footfall just to stay in the game. To avoid eroding margins on short-term tactics such as universal markdowns or chasing new sales via expensive and untargeted acquisition campaigns, brands & retailers need a solid understanding of customer behavioral trends to establish a strategy around the best drivers of growth.

Our latest report, aimed at Fashion & Beauty retailers and brands, provides practical examples of how to build a successful growth strategy on actionable insight from your customer data. Learn how your business could benefit by:

1. Pinpointing key trends in your business to focus your marketing investment

2. Identifying your best customers so you can maximise engagement with the most valuable segment

3. Using profiling to understand which new customers are likely to become loyal repeat purchasers

4. Leveraging insights to action via a multichannel communications strategy

To ensure your customer acquisition and retention strategies are achieving solid return on investment, download the report to see real examples of how customer data science is helping fashion & beauty retailers create sustainable sales growth.



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