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Make smart merchandising decisions that put your customer first

Improve promotional performance with Customer First insights

Promotions Analytics enables you to understand Customer reactions to past promotions, identifies potential growth opportunities and streamlines your planning workflow.


Return on investment you can expect

Promotions Analytics enables you to leverage science and Customer data to turn critical shopper insights into action; driving an improved, Customer First approach to promotions, while maximising category financial performance.

Margin +0.25-0.5% increase
in margin
Sales +1-3% increase
in cash sales
investment x10 return
on investment

How it helps

A web-based tool that helps you evaluate key metrics such as financial impact, household basket penetration and Customer impact to inform future promotional planning.

Provides category promotional guidelines such as depth of discount, frequency, and duration of the offer to optimise your objectives.
Calculates the incremental performance of historical promotions and the contribution each tactic has delivered.
Identifies the long tail of promotions that are sales and/or margin diluting.

How it works


View the historical performance identifying the impact of Advertisement, Display location, and promotion type had on the product’s performance.

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Find the promotions that achieve your financial and customer objectives.

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Identify the best way to promote a product based on product and category historical performances.

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