Promotions Forecasting

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Price & Promotions

Promotions Forecasting

Grow profitable sales with real-time scenario modelling & optimisation


Promotions Forecasting enables retailers to accurately model, forecast, and plan effective promotions to drive sales and profit growth while rewarding Customers with engaging offers.

Return on investment you can expect

A data-driven, scientific approach to making decisions about promotions means you can maximise forecasting accuracy, minimise risk and avoid ineffective promotions.

cash profits +1-3% increase
in cash profits
Sales +2-4% increase
in cash sales
investment x10 return
on investment

How it helps

Powered by the best-in-class Customer Data Science, it helps accurately model and forecast the effects of promotions, and understand their impact on your Customers and their baskets.

Forecasts the financial impacts of an item on promotion and its effect on the entire category.
Allows you to understand the effects of different promotional tactics, such as ad and in-store display locations.
Enables you to create and compare different promotional scenarios so that you can choose the one that meets your specific objectives and the needs of your Customers.

How it works


Select approved vendor offers to include in your category plan.

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Measures and displays the impact of line level cannibalisation on the non-promoted products.

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Provides the total category forecast needed to negotiate more effective promotions with suppliers.

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