Supporting smokers on their cessation journey with a hyper-targeted campaign.

Nicorette case study - customer data science and insights led to growth in sales

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Return on advertising spend (ROAS) ratio

Founded on deep customer insights, this campaign employed a variety of media touchpoints to deliver tailored, targeted messages to customers at different stages on
their path to giving up smoking for good.

By helping us to identify where different individuals were on their own journey, dunnhumby’s insights and guidance delivered great results for Nicorette and the lives of tens of thousands of people who have made the decision to go smoke-free.
Zoe McTurk, Shopper Marketing Manager

Download the full case study to discover how Nicorette:

  • Identified key stages in the smoking cessation journey and tailor messaging and ad creative to each.
  • Retained existing customers by encouraging them not to fall back into old habits, and attract lapsed customers from competing brands.
  • Engaged and incentivise soon-to-be non-smokers with inspiring messaging supporting their decision to quit.
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