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Our Alumni Network

We have huge pride in the exceptional talent across our Alumni Network. Many of our alumni are innovators and entrepreneurs, and continue to defy expectations in a variety of roles and organisations.

For dunnhumbians past and present we have a dedicated alumni website, a place where we can all meet, celebrate and be proud of being part of something special.

What’s in it for you?

Being part of the dunnhumby Alumni means you have a uniquely valuable network of leaders & experts, along with the opportunity to:

  • Stay connected with past colleagues and hear what they're doing
  • Attend Alumni events, and post details of social gatherings online
  • Hear about business and referral opportunities through the network
  • Keep up to date with news and industry insights

Alumni spotlight series

Across the globe, our alumni have exciting stories to share as they continue to make an impact that matters.

We are proud to showcase these achievements in our Spotlight Series.

To read the latest interviews, visit our member website.

Join now and stay connected

Meet our returning alumni and discover how their experiences gained outside of dunnhumby influence their work today

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