What we look for in our people, and our people look for in us

We're a unique company, so it's no surprise we do things in a unique way. But what is it about dunnhumby that makes it such a different place to work?

We live our values

Curiosity. Passion. Courage. Collaboration. Our values are more than just words on a page. But what company wouldn’t claim that? The difference at dunnhumby is that our people genuinely live them, day in and day out. When we ask the tough questions (and then ask a few more), when we demand nothing short of an unrelenting passion for loyalty from our partners, our employees, and the world, when we stand up for and challenge clients to do the right thing, and when we work across not only teams, but continents and cultures to get the job done, we’re representing the values dunnhumby has exhibited from the start. Why? Because we truly believe in them. It’s the kind of belief that’s both contagious and enduring — and that’s exactly how we like it.

We’re passionate people

dunnhumby is successful because we hire smart, capable, inspiring people. More than that, we tend to attract and gravitate toward people who are excited to learn, to listen, to help others, and to spark change around the world. From senior leadership to recent grads, the passion of our people propels us and sets us apart.

We’re more than just colleagues

dunnhumby is a social company. As a business that gets smarter every day through cross-team and world-wide collaboration, we kind of have to be. And though necessity is what brings us together, it’s certainly not what keeps us together — at dunnhumby, we’re more than colleagues, we’re friends. Maybe it’s the spontaneous nights out and the annual global celebrations that instill such a strong sense of camaraderie. Maybe it’s the fact that we’re an intensely passionate group of people working together toward a common goal. Maybe it’s that we spend so much time building strong relationships for our clients, we’re just used to it. Or maybe it’s all of the above. However we arrive here, it’s a sense of togetherness you won’t find anywhere else.

The people and culture of dunnhumby makes it a special place to work. It provides the opportunity to work in an environment which brings together diverse cultures, transcending the boundaries of location and time. People’s cares are given great importance and the all-round support makes it a comfortable place to be in.

Prerna, Analysis ManagerGurgaon, India

The People Team

We have a great culture and work environment; as we continue to grow, it’s important our people provide feedback to help us maintain them. That’s why we created a People Team — it gives everyone a platform to provide input that can change things for the better and ultimately make dunnhumby an even greater place to work.

We’re hiring

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