Category Management

Actionable insight for sustainable category growth

Improve category performance and Customer experiences

With a unique combination of consultancy and best-in-class software and tools, our Category Management framework helps you use your data to deliver great Customer experiences. Turn the data you already own into insight, so you can focus on what matters most to Customers, make smarter category decisions, grow sales and protect margins.

Category Management

The benefits of dunnhumby Category Management

With smarter Category Management you can:

  • Understand what matters most to Customers
  • Improve decision making across assortment, merchandising, private label and Price & Promotion
  • Optimise category investment to drive efficient growth
  • Boost category performance and grow sales

dunnhumby Assortment

Putting the right products in the right stores at the right time sounds simple. But it can only be done successfully and consistently when you truly understand Customer preferences and respond accordingly.

With dunnhumby Assortment, you can confidently plan product assortments that match the needs of your Customers, basing every decision on real Customer purchase data to dynamically optimise assortment recommendations. Read more about dunnhumby Assortment

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dunnhumby Shop

Understanding Customer behaviour and category trends is key to making Customer centric decisions around products, pricing and media.

dunnhumby Shop is a web-based business tool that gives you self-serve access to granular Customer insights from nearly one billion shoppers across the globe. With SKU level detail for flexible analysis, Shop helps you answer key business questions at speed, ensuring every decision you make puts the Customer First. Read more about dunnhumby Shop

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Category Strategy and Planning (CSP)

From running category reviews to planning actions, effective category management is a time-consuming process with huge importance for your business.

CSP is a proprietary framework for smarter, more cohesive and more efficient category planning, ensuring you can generate actionable insights and drive category management excellence with every decision you make.

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Assortment Optimisation

Blue Yonder Assortment Optimisation

For a truly comprehensive assortment strategy, retailers must present new products, best sellers and private labels effectively across limited shelf space.

Blue Yonder Assortment Optimisation is the only product that combines dunnhumby Customer Data Science with industry-leading space and category execution capabilities, ensuring you deliver enhanced Customer experiences that boost engagement, sales and growth.

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How we do it

Our Category Management framework uses a unique mix of consulting and tools, leveraging best-in-class Customer Data Science to help you build impactful Customer First strategies. We support you every step of the way, from process assessment and strategic understanding to tactical planning and execution.

Category Management

Category Management is an end-to-end toolkit, supported by our expert consultancy. Because every retailer is unique we always work in close collaboration with you to understand what tools, strategies and executional activities will help you meet your goals most effectively.

Strategic understanding

We show where to prioritise and balance investment across categories

Category lever importance

We identify the relative importance of category levers to customers

Category lever strategies

We build strategies to drive focus and growth in every category

Category assessment and plans

We create actionable insight from broad datasets for high impact plans

Category execution

We carry out assortment and merchandising reviews, in-store and online

CSP is a multi-stage process that takes you from the strategic level through to tactical planning. Grounded in a consistent Customer First approach based on how your Customers shop, CSP ensures that your category plans are connected, informed by data, and lead to real results.

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Joined-up management

Link business and Customer strategy to category planning

Greater efficiency

Develop a faster, more robust and cost-effective planning process

Smarter investment

Reinvest profit into activities that deliver the biggest benefits

Prioritised analysis

Create the most relevant category assessments to drive plans

Shop offers a customisable and dynamic homepage that updates automatically, delivering relevant data directly to you. You can run tailored reports and see insights in one place, visualised clearly to provide actionable insight.

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Granular data

Access SKU level detail for detailed insight into Customer behaviour

Customer First

Use insight to offer the products, prices and media that Customers want

Faster decisions

Access reports instantly, and action opportunities with speed and precision

Brand collaboration

Share reports with brands to improve collaborative decision-making

With SKU level analysis of category performance, Assortment reveals how Customers shop categories and provides recommendations around assortment design that drive maximum performance and relevance.

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Smarter choices

Base every decision and strategy move on Customer data

Customer satisfaction

Delight Customers and strengthen loyalty with the right products

Optimised planning

Receive recommendations based on coverage, performance and relevance

Enhanced ROI

Increase sales, reduce working capital, and drive efficiencies

Combining dunnhumby’s expertise in Data Science and Blue Yonder’s space and layout solutions, Blue Yonder Assortment Optimisation helps you build a category strategy that addresses locations, Customer preferences, changing product demands, and limited shelf space.

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Improve efficiencies

Optimise assortment and shelf space in your stores

Customer focus

Make Customer First category decisions for better experiences

Enhanced visualisation

Use advanced tracking and reporting to keep growth goals on target

Streamline productivity

Reduce category implementation cycles and work faster with confidence

Clients using Category Management have achieved

Like-for-like sales uplift

Return on investment

Deployments in global markets

Customer Stories

Raia Drogasil

Raia Drogasil

How informed customer-centric decision making helped to deliver 4.3% sales uplift in 21 weeks.

Red Bull - 21.7% to 31.9% growth in the Energy Drinks

Red Bull

Find out how embedding Customer Data Science in assortment decisions led to 54% cross-shopping growth.

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