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Access insight that empowers you to feed into retailer assortment processes

The ability to feed into a retailer’s assortment process is crucial for brands. In doing so, you can help create the best possible range for Shoppers, while ensuring your key lines are front and centre, presenting a robust defence if challenged with a delist decision. However, without the right insight, getting a seat at the table to influence assortment decisions is difficult. Assortment from dunnhumby helps you inject ultra-granular, powerful, Shopper behaviour data into the process to provide quantifiable proof of the varying needs and purchasing criteria within the category.

How we do it

Assortment ensures you understand Shopper decisions within categories, know where your products play versus your competition, and can spot where opportunities lie. First, we define and run the relevant reports, helping you to interpret the data and formalise your strategy and retailer recommendations. Then, we facilitate your collaboration with retail partners, identifying where your portfolio fulfils Shopper needs, strengthening the case for your SKUs, and building mutually beneficial assortment plans that deliver results.


With Assortment, you’ll gain the ability to:

  • Assess performance to understand product appeal
  • Understand Customer needs and decision-making
  • Prioritise products which fulfil distinct roles for Shoppers in the category
  • Optimise assortment with retailers to mutually boost ROI
Retail store assortment planning

Assortment gives you a clear view of Shoppers and their needs, positioning you to diagnose and fix brand performance issues and understand how your products interact and perform within a range. This means you can work effectively with retailers to create assortments that drive results.

Shopper-level insight

Make the case for your products with strategies built on granular data

Optimised plans

Ensure assortment is optimised to meet Shopper needs

Effective collaboration

Collaborate with retailers with a shared view that drives outcomes

Complex considerations

Respond to the balancing act of factors that influence assortment

Through Assortment, our clients have achieved

Like-for-like sales uplift

Return on investment

Efficiency savings

Customer Stories

Red Bull - 21.7% to 31.9% growth in the Energy Drinks

Red Bull

Find out how embedding Customer Data Science in assortment decisions led to 54% cross-shopping growth.

Raia Drogasil

Raia Drogasil

How informed customer-centric decision making helped to deliver 4.3% sales uplift in 21 weeks.

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