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Create customer-centric ranges using AI-powered science

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Answer the question of what customers really want.

Today, customers expect retailers to offer relevant ranges that reflect their needs—something that’s easier said than done. Conflicting priorities and disconnected processes make it difficult to deliver truly tailored assortments, particularly at the kind of scale that grocery operates at.

With dunnhumby Assortment, creating customer-centric, localised assortments is simple. Using industry-leading artificial intelligence (AI), dunnhumby Assortment streamlines processes and helps you make smarter ranging decisions that will delight your customers and drive sales.

behavioural insights for customer-centric assortment decisions

Deliver on customer expectations of choice

Deep behavioural insights help you make better, more customer-centric assortment decisions.

assortment optimisation with AI

Streamline processes and improve efficiency

Rethink assortment optimisation with a unified platform that speeds up time to value.

AI-powered insights deliver success

Achieve success at scale

AI-powered insights and space-aware planograms help you deliver success at scale.

dunnhumby Assortment for Retailers

  • Use behavioural insights to create store-specific ranges that resonate with local shoppers.
  • Optimise layouts with space aware, AI-powered recommendations for every store.
  • Minimise manual effort and streamline time-intensive processes with automated planogramming.
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Improve collaboration with Suppliers

Keen to enhance the way that you work together with your suppliers? dunnhumby Assortment empowers your consumer packaged goods (CPG) partners with vital insights.

  • Provide valuable intelligence that drives better and more relevant recommendations.
  • Transparently share assortment recommendations for specific categories.
  • Give CPGs the ability to monitor their share of the category and shelf.
assortment recommendations for CPGs/brands

Seven key capabilities. One connected solution.

Available as a complete end-to-end solution or tailored to your particular needs, dunnhumby Assortment provides a flexible answer to your assortment challenges.

Category Strategy for brands/CPGs


Pinpoint priority categories and create tailored objectives.

Localised Assortments with AI


Balance customer needs with operational efficiencies.

Customer Decision Tree - CDT categories

Customer Decision

Learn how customers shop across different categories.

Recommendations to maximise sales growth

Customer-centric Recommendations

Delight customers and maximise sales performance.

Automated Planograms efficiency


Create omnichannel campaigns across Offsite, Onsite, and Store locations.

Scenario Planning with Artificial intelligence


Gauge campaign performance based on channel and campaign objectives.

Intelligent Evaluation Analysis with AI


Simply and efficiently manage all payment and invoicing processes.

With dunnhumby Assortment, one leading European retailer achieved…

Reduction in overall assortment

Volume growth

Average sales uplift

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