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Boost value perception and execute promotions that drive results

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Understand and act upon drivers that influence Customers

As marketplace competition increases, downward price pressures mean retailers face unsustainably low margins. To succeed and avoid the race to the bottom, retailers must improve Customer price perception and promotional effectiveness, without reducing prices too far.

dunnhumby analyses existing strategies and identifies the best tactics for success. So you can optimise pricing strategies to grow margins and profit and boost promotion performance, all while improving Customer price perception.

Win new Customers, achieve more sales and improve margins

Retail benefits of effective strategy & tools:

  • Build Customer value perception without impacting profits
  • Win new Customers, achieve more sales and improve margins
  • Mitigate pricing threats and manage price changes effectively
  • Analyse past performance and plan more effective future promotions


Satisfying changing Customer pricing expectations is already a complex task – but combined with the need to hit commercial targets, it can become seriously challenging.

dunnhumby Price gives you the ability to strategically optimise prices and forecast outcomes. Using Customer Data Science to recommend optimal base prices, Price helps you build Customer trust, improve value perception, and generate tangible results.

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analyse historic campaigns & execute effective Promotions

Promotions Analytics

To plan and execute effective Promotions, retailers must be able to accurately assess past performance and get detailed insight into the impact of each tactic.

dunnhumby Promotions Analytics uses Customer Data Science to intelligently analyse historic campaigns and ensure every promotion performs to its maximum potential.

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With a modular framework of tools and services, Price & Promotions guides you from start to finish. It means you can understand, model, forecast and respond to price and promotion drivers that influence Customers’ value perceptions and buying behaviours.

Assess the landscape

Understand current P&P capabilities from a Customer lens before planning

Validate rules

Create a consistent Customer experience with logical, consistent pricing

Optimise investments

Analyse strategies and establish the most effective tactics to invest in

Forecast and deliver

Accurately model, plan and execute every promotion, event and campaign

Think Customer First

Establish category role and price strategies that drive growth and engagement

Price is a user-friendly tool that leverages advanced science to optimise prices and forecast outcomes, generating tangible results no matter the size of your operation. By improving decision-making at tactical and strategic levels, it offers strong ROI and clear sales uplift.

Price intelligently

Manage pricing and respond to market changes with a flexible rules engine

Act consistently

Build trust in your pricing with consistent architecture across lines

Account for complexity

Move beyond cost-plus pricing to when selecting optimal price

Model and map

Forecast commercial impact and identify what strategies will work

Understanding past promotions is the key to identifying areas for growth and improving the efficiency of your planning workflow. Promotions Analytics is a web-based tool that supports your everyday decision-making, using Customer Data Science to consistently improve promotion performance.

Optimise plans

Inform decision making with detailed, data powered category guidelines

Calculate performance

Understand the performance of past promotions and the value of individual tactics

Catch failures

Identify and end the long tail of promotions that are sales or margin diluting

Generate ROI

Increase margins and maximise performance with Customer Data Science

Clients using Price & Promotions have achieved

Like-for-like sales uplift

Margin gains

Cash profit with Price Optimisation

Promotional sales with Promotions Forecasting

Customer Stories

increasing sales, customer satisfaction and loyalty

Coop Norge

A deeper understanding of the customer enabled Coop Norge to move to digital coupons; increasing sales, customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Red Bull - 21.7% to 31.9% growth in the Energy Drinks

Red Bull

Find out how embedding Customer Data Science in assortment decisions led to 54% cross-shopping growth.

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