Insight Monetisation & CPG Collaboration

Improve CPG collaboration and turn insight into commercial opportunity

Meet Customer needs by activating against their changing behaviours

Changing Customer expectations have created a challenging environment for retailers to compete in. The Customer and EPOS data that retailers gather could be the answer, acting as both a valuable commercial asset and a potential competitive advantage – provided you can use and monetise the insight it creates.

A dunnhumby Insights Monetisation programme accelerates Customer-First category management by providing actionable insight software, capability expertise and rigorous processes that facilitate CPG collaboration.

Improve CPG collaboration and turn insight into commercial opportunity

Improve CPG collaboration

Retailers often struggle to access the full potential of CPG’s category expertise and resources. Insight Monetisation harnesses the value CPGs have to offer, providing them with a clear role to execute your Customer First strategy supported by our Category Management framework.

The benefits of Customer First Insight Monetisation

dunnhumby’s Insight Monetisation & CPG Collaboration capabilities help you:

  • Generate direct revenue from CPGs by investing in collaborative insight
  • Reduce reliance on internal resource by outsourcing category reviews to CPGs
  • Experience category growth through Customer aligned planning and activation
helps retailers generate revenue from CPGs by investing in insight and CPG retail analytics

Let us build the optimum Insights Monetisation programme for you

dunnhumby Assortment

Collaborate with CPGs to optimise

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dunnhumby Shop

Collaborate with CPGs to diagnose category and brand performance

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dunnhumby Promotions Analytics

Collaborate with CPGs to optimise

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With Insight Monetisation & CPG Collaboration, our clients have achieved

Improved category sales

Customer Stories

Samworth - promotional uplift using a clear, data and customer-centric plan

Samworth Brothers

How Customer Data Science and insights led to a projected >1.8% sales uplift across the category.

Red Bull - 21.7% to 31.9% growth in the Energy Drinks

Red Bull

Find out how embedding Customer Data Science in assortment decisions led to 54% cross-shopping growth.

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