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Create a predictable path to growth by putting shoppers at the heart of your Retail Media strategy

Retail Media gives Brands and their agencies the ability to reach high-intent shoppers at the point of purchase, making it a powerful way to drive sales. We combine that inherent potential with world-leading data science to help Brands get more from their Retail Media spend. Better understand your opportunities for growth, find the best audiences for your products, to reach more of the right people with omnichannel advertising strategies.

We help you create a concrete link between advertising spend and your Brand’s performance, with closed-loop measurement to prove Return on Ad Spend at the till.

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Understand your opportunities for growth with shoppers

Today, Brands need predictable and reliable routes to success – and that requires a deep understanding of their opportunities for growth. Using a combination of purchasing and loyalty data, bespoke insights from data scientists, and a powerful suite of planning and analytical tools, we show Brands where they are winning and losing across channels and shopper segments, allowing them to focus their efforts and investments on those areas that will deliver the greatest sales impact.

Find the best audiences to meet your goals

Maximising the effectiveness of your marketing strategy means finding and engaging with the people who are most likely to buy your products. We use first-party Retailer data to segment real shoppers into key groups and quantify the impact of engaging with each of them. We provide Brands with rich portraits of their “best” shoppers, and the most effective ways to reach them across channels, locations, and timings.

retail media targeting
retail media audience targeting

Reach the right people, wherever they are

As well as enabling Brands better understand their shoppers, our omnichannel Retail Media toolkit helps them reach more of the right people all the way from sofa to store. This sophisticated suite of products gives Brands and product managers everything they need to drive awareness, consideration, conversion, and loyalty – all via the medium of trusted and highly visible native Retail inventory. We bridge the gap between insight and execution.

Supporting you through your entire Retail Media journey

We’ve spent the past three decades helping Retailers and Brands get the most out of their investments in Retail Media. Our managed service can do the same for you, providing extensive guidance from our dedicated team and the convenience of a single point of contact.

Our Media Planning team will help you put shoppers at the centre of your media activity and ensure that the choices you make contribute to effective Brand growth. The Client Services team provides the guidance you need to build and execute powerful omnichannel campaigns. And our Ad Operations experts monitor campaign performance and ensure the smooth running of all activities.

Upcoming additions to the dunnhumby media portfolio will give you everything you need to plan, book, execute, and measure campaigns on a self-service basis. If you’re an agency and ready to run things yourself, get in touch to find out more.

Onsite Sponsored Ads allows Brands to deliver highly relevant native ads that use advanced data science techniques to match the right products to the right shoppers. Ads appear organically as part of search results, and a self-serve programmatic bidding platform provides granular control over spend.

Improve digital product discovery

Ensure the visibility of key lines and new products on digital shelves

Harness the power of native ads

Increase conversion rates with organic ad placements on trusted Retail inventory

Maximise return on spend

Reach more of the right people for your brand with highly relevant advertising

Engage a growing audience

Capitalise on growth in online grocery with an engaging ecommerce solution

Onsite Display gives you the power to run audience-led campaigns across a Retailer’s digital estate. From highlighting products on the homepage, through to reminding them about favourites and forgotten items, Onsite Display offers a range of ways in which to meet Brand and category goals.

Deliver personalised campaigns at scale

Use world-leading data science to deliver relevant and personalised advertising

Engage shoppers at key moments online

Reach out to potential Customers across the entirety of their online grocery shop

Meet multiple marketing objectives

Win new shoppers, regain lost ones, and reward existing Customers via a single solution

Prove ad effectiveness with detailed reporting

Demonstrate your contribution to sales growth with in-depth measurement

Digital Offsite enables you to use powerful first-party data to target key audiences away from a Retailer’s digital store. Providing access to a wide network of brand-safe networks and “walled gardens” including Facebook and YouTube, Digital Offsite displays targeted ads to relevant audiences using Retailer-branded content.

Digital Offsite Brochure
Bring Retailer first-party data to third-party advertising

Reach targeted audiences on a range of widely visited third-party sites

Identify audiences

Use first-party data to spot high-intent audiences and engage them appropriately

Go beyond onsite ads

Extend your reach across multiple sites and networks

Measure the sales impact of offsite activity

Track the true performance of campaigns with reporting that unites online and in-store

Our Store Media offering brings decades of data science expertise to this time-tested medium, helping you create meaningful and effective campaigns that capture the attention of visitors to stores. Across printed point-of-sale, digital signage, sampling, experiential, and store magazines, we give you everything you need to engage and inspire.

Store Media Brochure
Focus on the right audiences

Allocate spend to the most effective store locations based on key audience segments

Employ data-driven design

Use shopper insights to make smart choices about campaign creative

Mix and match for maximum appeal

Utilise a range of media formats and strategies to broaden your reach

Manage compliance and simplify evaluation

Employ expert guidance to ensure accountability of campaign performance and monitor rogue activity

Direct to Customer delivers highly relevant rewards that are fine tuned to a shopper’s specific circumstances with our data science. From re-engaging inactive shoppers to encouraging repeat buys, it gives you the ability to meet your marketing goals in a personal and engaging way.

Create a personal link with your best shoppers

Take the direct approach and reach out to shoppers with personalised vouchers

Engage, inspire, and reward

Meet shopper expectations around Brand interactions and value

Drive your audience to the channels that count

Nudge shoppers to the channel of your choice with dedicated coupons

Deliver ROI through strategic targeting

Identify the right audiences to help you meet objectives with closed-loop measurement

Clients using Brand Media & Channels have achieved

Onsite Display return on ad spend

Offsite audience buy-in

Store Media sales uplift

Direct-to-Customer redemption rate

Customer Stories

Nestlé an 11% sales uplift


Find out how directly connecting insight and media planning at household level gave Nestlé an 11% sales uplift.

Halo Top - 17% of total brand sales were generated

Halo Top

How Halo Top became Tesco’s second-largest luxury ice cream brand in six months, and the UK’s third-largest within one year.

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