Shopper Insights

Understand changing Shopper behaviours through unique Data Science

Analyse the drivers of brand and category performance

Are you ready to make more informed, Shopper-centric recommendations? Shopper Insights has a breadth of applications across your business, supporting trade, brand and marketing teams to evaluate brand loyalty, inform product development, build targeted trade and media plans, and define category strategies. Crucially, it helps you align with retail partners through a single shared view of the Shopper.

Gain retail shopper insights through unique Data Science

The benefits of Shopper Insights

Shopper Insights help CPGs to:

  • Activate against the needs of Shoppers
  • Improve collaboration with retail partners
  • Drive brand and category loyalty
  • Grow sales and gain market share

dunnhumby Shop

dunnhumby Shop is a web-based platform that gives you self-serve access to granular Shopper insights from your most important retail partners. With SKU level detail for flexible analysis, Shop answers key business questions at speed, ensuring every decision you make puts the Shopper First.

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improve collaboration with retail partners to drive brand and category loyalty

Using data to create meaningful, actionable insights is difficult. Shopper Insights gives you the tools to make data work harder, putting you closer to Shoppers, and ensuring you can make better, faster decisions in order to grow your business and create ROI.

Granular insights

Benchmark performance

Better, faster decisions

Shopper-focused decision making via a web-based tool

Relevant activation

Prioritise investment to meet the changing needs of Shoppers

Improved collaboration

Drive mutual growth with a single shared view of the Shopper

dunnhumby Shop helps CPGs understand Shoppers’ behaviour wherever and whenever they purchase your brands and products. With this, you can make better, more Shopper-focused decisions around products, prices and marketing to grow sales, category share and Shopper loyalty.

Data coverage

Access Shopper, brand and sales data across markets

Insight at your fingertips

On-demand insights from tailored reports when you need them

Simple to use

Accessed through our easy to use, self-service web tool

Support when required

Consultancy support whenever you need advice or to go deeper into the data

Clients using Shopper Insights have achieved

Return on investment

Category sales uplift

Customer Stories

Red Bull - 21.7% to 31.9% growth in the Energy Drinks

Red Bull

Find out how embedding Customer Data Science in assortment decisions led to 54% cross-shopping growth.

Halo Top - 17% of total brand sales were generated

Halo Top

How Halo Top became Tesco’s second-largest luxury ice cream brand in six months, and the UK’s third-largest within one year.

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